Loneliness and the Law of Attraction

Loneliness and the Law of Attraction

Sometimes when we are feeling lonely, it’s very easy to stay stuck in that feeling.  We remind ourselves how lonely we are, how bad it feels, how unsatisfying life can be, etc.  True to the nature of the Law of Attraction like thoughts attract like thoughts.  Therefore, the more we focus on how lonely we are, the more lonely we will feel because the more we’ll attract other thoughts about being lonely.  What a dreadful place to be in – an endless loop of thoughts keeping us in the low vibration of loneliness.

There Is A Way Out Of Loneliness

There is a way out of loneliness and it starts with a thought.  Yes, just one simple thought can be the open door to a better feeling place.  So what is the magic thought?  It would go something like this “Even though I’m feeling lonely right now, I know that I can think of something I like doing and why I like doing it.”  By deliberately doing this, you’ll start to feel better.  For example, say you’re someone who enjoys hiking.  Simply think about all the reasons you enjoy it.  Maybe it feels good to be out in nature, or maybe seeing and hearing the birds and the other little critters along the way puts a smile on your face, or maybe passing by and saying hello to fellow hikers gives you a sense of community, or maybe it’s all of the above?  Whatever it is, deliberately thinking of activities you enjoy, and why you enjoy them will help you to feel better overall.  Once you start feeling better, from that improved place, then you can deliberately choose to take action and go do something enjoyable to cancel out the loneliness.  Maybe you’ll get inspired to call a friend and ask them to join you for tea, or maybe you’ll go to the book store and catch up on the latest books that appeal to you, or maybe you’ll go to the gym.

So the next time you feel lonely, remember that your thoughts are the open door out of loneliness into satisfaction.

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The Best Version of Yourself…

The Best Version of Yourself…

Wouldn’t it be great if you could be the best version of yourself?  Maybe you’d like to be more confident or feel that what you say and do has value?  Maybe you’d like to make healthier choices and better decisions?  Maybe you’d like to be more relaxed and confident socially?  Maybe you’d like to be more honest?

Whatever the qualities are, we all have traits and feelings that we’d like to have fulfilled, that would make us a better person.

The good news is that we can take action so we can start becoming the best versions of ourselves.

How Do I Become The Best Version of Myself?

A great way to start becoming the best version of yourself is to make a list of all the qualities that you think would make you the best version of yourself.  Once you have your list, then daily say affirmations that support you being those qualities.

For example, let’s say that on your list you have these qualities written down: “more confident, calmer and more social at parties, feel happier, feel like I have value, be my ideal weight, do work that I love.”

To affirm these wonderful qualities that you’d like to have, simply start by saying out loud, or thinking: “I am willing to be more confident” “I am willing to be calmer and more social at parties” “I am willing to feel happier” ” I am willing to feel like I have value” “I am willing to be my ideal weight” “I am willing to do work that I love.”

By affirming these statements every day, they start getting into your subconscious mind.  Once they are firmly planted there, you will start noticing at some point that you do feel more how you want, and you are becoming more like you want to be.

So spend some time making your list of what the best version of yourself would be, and then enjoy affirming those qualities every day.

Here’s to you becoming the best version of yourself that you can be!

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You can attract what you want!

Living The Law of Attraction – a 21 day self-guided program

Living The Law of Attraction – a 21 day self-guided program

Sometimes a potential client is unable to do private phone coaching with me, and I was looking for a way to help them learn about the Law of Attraction.  So I decided that I should write a 21 day program that someone could do on their own.  The program would have daily Law of Attraction processes and techniques so that the reader could learn them and put them into use to improve their own life.

One day the title Living The Law of Attraction came to me.  Once I had the title I knew that the program would just kind of write itself, which it did!

What is Living The Law of Attraction, and how does someone use it?

In the intro of the book I talk about the Law of Attraction and what it is.  Then when the reader is ready, they start on “Day 1” and on that day they practice the process I talk about.

Then, the next day, they do what it suggests on “Day 2” and so on and so on for the remainder of the 21 days.

The great thing is that at the end of the 21 days, the reader doesn’t just stop, they continue to use what they learned for the rest of their lives so they can attract what they want, and feel great.  At least that’s what my intention was when I wrote the program.

Fortunately, I have received great feedback from people who have already completed the 21 days!  So if you’re looking to learn about the Law of Attraction, and you’re unable to do private coaching with me, Living The Law of Attraction is the next best thing.  Just click here to check it out.

You can attract what you want!


Focusing On What You Want…

Focusing on what you want

Many people who contact me about Law of Attraction coaching can’t understand why they’re not attracting what they want.  One question I like to ask is “How often each day do you spend focusing on what you want, and why you want it?”  After a brief silence, they admit that it’s not very often.  That’s part of the problem.

Ask yourself what you want more often

How can you expect to attract what we want if we’re not deliberately focusing on what we want every day?

How often should I focus on what I want?

The next question is typically how often should I focus on what I want each day?  I then ask “How much do you want to attract “X” into your life?”  “X” could be more money, a wonderful relationship, a better job, etc.  They usually respond by saying they want to attract it 100% as soon as possible.  So the answer to how often is – VERY often!

You have to understand that you must focus on what we want, and why you want it as much as possible because the more you do that in the “right” way, the more it’s going to manifest.

Unfortunately, most people probably focus more on the lack of not having whatever it is they want – which just keeps it from manifesting.

Though I teach my clients many processes to help them focus on what they want so they can attract whatever they want, thinking about what you want in the “right” way, every day is key.  The more the better.

So if you’re reading this I’m asking you – “How often do you focus on what you are wanting?”  If it’s not every day, then do your best to start focusing on what you want more often.

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