Focusing On What You Want…

Focusing on what you want

Many people who contact me about Law of Attraction coaching can’t understand why they’re not attracting what they want.  One question I like to ask is “How often each day do you spend focusing on what you want, and why you want it?”  After a brief silence, they admit that it’s not very often.  That’s part of the problem.

Ask yourself what you want more often

How can you expect to attract what we want if we’re not deliberately focusing on what we want every day?

How often should I focus on what I want?

The next question is typically how often should I focus on what I want each day?  I then ask “How much do you want to attract “X” into your life?”  “X” could be more money, a wonderful relationship, a better job, etc.  They usually respond by saying they want to attract it 100% as soon as possible.  So the answer to how often is – VERY often!

You have to understand that you must focus on what we want, and why you want it as much as possible because the more you do that in the “right” way, the more it’s going to manifest.

Unfortunately, most people probably focus more on the lack of not having whatever it is they want – which just keeps it from manifesting.

Though I teach my clients many processes to help them focus on what they want so they can attract whatever they want, thinking about what you want in the “right” way, every day is key.  The more the better.

So if you’re reading this I’m asking you – “How often do you focus on what you are wanting?”  If it’s not every day, then do your best to start focusing on what you want more often.

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Law of Attraction and Friends

Law of Attraction and Friends

People always ask me if they are trying to change by improving how they think and feel, do they have to let go of their friends who are more negative?  The answer to this is yes and no.  Obviously we can’t run from everyone because even though some people we know may be more negative, they may still have some good qualities we like about them.  However, that being said, there may be some people we know who really are “toxic” and are so negative that it would be a good idea to greatly distance ourselves from them.

Solutions Regarding Friends

A good idea when it comes to people we don’t want to totally distance ourselves from is to just limit our time with them.  Maybe we only spend an hour with them instead of 3 hours.  Or, maybe when we call them to chat if the conversation starts to veer towards negativity, we do our best to change the subject.

The reason for all this is because when it comes to the Law of Attraction, since it’s always responding to us, giving us more circumstances and situations that match our vibration, we want to spend more time at a higher vibration.  A higher vibration feels good and that’s where we want to be as much as possible.  When we keep ourselves at a higher vibration then we attract more experiences that are high vibration experiences.  We’ll even attract people who are more positive, and some of our friends who are more low vibration will fade away because they can tell you’re not a match with them anymore.  So that’s why it’s important to spend more time with your more positive (high vibration) friends and less time with your more negative (low vibration) friends.

It’s also important to know that once we know how to deliberately keep ourselves at a raised vibration, lower vibration people won’t effect us as much because we’re feeling too good.

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True Happiness

True Happiness and Law of Attraction

Did you know that true happiness comes from within – it’s not circumstantial?  Of course when something good happens for us, it can make us feel happy in the moment.  But, after a short amount of time the high from that wears off.

However, if we learn how to be truly happy from within, and we are really feeling that way, Law of Attraction can’t help but bring us circumstances and experiences that support us feeling happy.

So the next time you realize you’re not feeling happy, you have to do something about it!

What can you do to feel happy?

There are several things we can do to deliberately help ourselves feel happy.  Some examples are:

  • Reach for better thoughts;
  • do something fun;
  • exercise;
  • go to the mall;
  • call a good friend and catch up;
  • focus on something you want and feel how good it would feel to have it.

Taking control of your happiness without it depending on outside factors feels so good and really makes a positive difference.  Once you do that, not only will you feel better in general, but you’ll really notice how you are more in control of being happy than you thought.

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Law of Attraction and Manifesting

Law of Attraction and Manifesting What You Want

We all want to manifest something.  It may be a better job, a new job, a relationship, a car, a dream home, or even feeling happier.  But how does the Law of Attraction play a part in that?  The answer is that it’s always playing a part!

You have to understand that the Law of Attraction is always responding to you 24/7.  What that means is that it’s always responding to the feeling (vibration) you’re offering in general, and about specific things.

Examples of Law of Attraction In Action

For example, if you want to attract a wonderful relationship but you’re constantly walking around with thoughts like: “why is it so hard to meet someone” or “I’m never going to meet someone special” or “how come my friends are all with someone, but I’m not?”  These and other questions of doubt or lack means you’re putting out negative energy (a/k/a low vibration) about meeting someone.

The Law of Attraction is just matching that vibration and saying “ok, here’s more of it being hard to meet someone.”  And as a result you’ll have more experiences that support that (instead of what you want, which is to meet someone special).

However, the goods news it that if you’re walking around thinking more positive thoughts about meeting someone like: “I can’t wait to be in a wonderful, loving relationship” or “I’m so excited about meeting someone special” then you’re offering a good, positive feeling about it (a high vibration), and Law of Attraction will respond by eventually or suddenly you’ll meet someone “out of the blue”, or a friend will suggest someone they thought of you could date.

The trick is to not get caught up in when or how you’ll meet someone, because when you do that it brings in the doubt again.

It’s important to think about what you’re focusing on so that you attract what you want, instead of more of what you don’t want!

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Law of Attraction and the Computer…

Law of Attraction and the Computer…

You might be wondering how a computer became a great example of the Law of Attraction and where your thoughts are at.  Here’s the story.

I was helping someone who was trying to figure out how to print something from a billing program.  She was trying to figure out how to print only certain bills within a certain time period.   She said “how can I print bills without printing the ones I don’t want?”  I happen to know about this particular time program and I said “you can’t tell it to print the ones you don’t want, it will only print the ones you DO want.”

Right then and there it clicked in my mind what a great metaphor that is.  You see the computer could only print what she wanted, not what she didn’t want.  In that moment I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be amazing if our minds worked like that too.  How incredible would it be if we just automatically thought of what we wanted instead of what we didn’t want all the time.

If we mainly thought about what we DID want, Law of Attraction couldn’t help but deliver it.

How to do it.

I think a great exercise for me, and maybe you can try it to, is my intention to consciously only think of what I do want.  If I catch myself thinking of what I don’t want, I will immediately flip my thoughts to what I DO want.  Knowing Law of Attraction, I think I’m in for getting more of what I DO want.  Thank you computer for reminding me of this.

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You can attract what you want!

Wonderful announcement…

Wonderful announcement…

My wonderful announcement is that my new book just came out on Amazon.

It’s called “Vibratize Your Life!  How To Keep Your Vibrations High To Live A Wonderful Life”

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It’s a great book that tells you how to take every day ordinary experiences, and turn them into vibration raising experiences that will help you attract what you want into your life.  Following the ideas in the book, you’ll also appreciate your life more and feel at a higher vibration.  It’s amazing how much fun we can make our life experiences.

Thanks for checking it out and let me know how the Vibratzie Your Life equation works for you!

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You can attract what you want!

What are you thinking about?

What are you thinking about?  You have to be aware.

When it comes to being an experienced and certified Law of Attraction life coach, one of the most important things I look out for is how my clients think about something they want.  This is so that I can show them how to think about what they want so they will attract it instead of complaining about it, which will keep it away from them.

I thought of this today when I was eating lunch out at a very busy local eatery.  It’s the kind of place where all the tables are very close to each other.  You’re at your own table, but you might as well be sitting with your neighbor.

After sitting down and while I was enjoying my salad, I started realizing that everyone around me was complaining about this or that to the person they were sitting with.  Even the lady on the cell phone was telling someone some very negative things about a situation she found herself in.

It’s no wonder why so many people keep attracting more and more of what they don’t want – it’s because that’s what they mainly talk and think about!

The solution…

Just think how amazing it would be if everyone talked about what they wanted and the good things that happened to them that day.

Remembering that the Law of Attraction responds to both good and bad vibrations/thoughts to bring you more of the same, don’t you want to be aware enough to have more of what you want brought into your daily experience?  It just takes practice and you’ll get used to focusing on what you want (instead of what you don’t want).

So, if you’re someone who complains alot about a situation, or talks negatively about this or that – if you want to stop those kinds of experiences from happening to you over and over again, start talking about what you do want and focus on that.  When you do that it’s amazing how good things can get and it’s amazing how much better you’ll feel overall.

What is it that you’re talking about with your friends and family?

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