Law of Attraction and Friends

Law of Attraction and Friends

People always ask me if they are trying to change by improving how they think and feel, do they have to let go of their friends who are more negative?  The answer to this is yes and no.  Obviously we can’t run from everyone because even though some people we know may be more negative, they may still have some good qualities we like about them.  However, that being said, there may be some people we know who really are “toxic” and are so negative that it would be a good idea to greatly distance ourselves from them.

Solutions Regarding Friends

A good idea when it comes to people we don’t want to totally distance ourselves from is to just limit our time with them.  Maybe we only spend an hour with them instead of 3 hours.  Or, maybe when we call them to chat if the conversation starts to veer towards negativity, we do our best to change the subject.

The reason for all this is because when it comes to the Law of Attraction, since it’s always responding to us, giving us more circumstances and situations that match our vibration, we want to spend more time at a higher vibration.  A higher vibration feels good and that’s where we want to be as much as possible.  When we keep ourselves at a higher vibration then we attract more experiences that are high vibration experiences.  We’ll even attract people who are more positive, and some of our friends who are more low vibration will fade away because they can tell you’re not a match with them anymore.  So that’s why it’s important to spend more time with your more positive (high vibration) friends and less time with your more negative (low vibration) friends.

It’s also important to know that once we know how to deliberately keep ourselves at a raised vibration, lower vibration people won’t effect us as much because we’re feeling too good.

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What type of season are you choosing?

What type of season are you choosing?

This morning I passed a large sign that said “It’s cold and flu season…”

Thousands of people pass this sign every day, probably several times a day.

It made me realize that thousands of people every day are told “It’s cold and flu season” and as such are probably attracting that to themselves and getting sick.  Not only are we all very suggestible, but thoughts are very powerful.  If we drive by that sign every day and read it, we’re implanting that thought.

Perfect health season

But, wouldn’t it be amazing if there were signs posted all over that said, “IT’S PERFECT HEALTH SEASON.”

Just think how wonderful it would be for everyone to be getting that message instead every day, several times a day!

I’m sure there would be much less people getting the cold and flu if they were thinking “it’s perfect health season.”

I’m choosing to think “it’s perfect health season” and I hope you choose to think that as well.

Here’s to a perfect health season all year long!

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How are you spending your time?

How are you spending your time?

I was thinking about it the other day that someone I know spent about 3 hours being mad at a situation that she couldn’t control. But if she knew how, she could control how long she stayed mad.

It made me realize that she literally wasted 3 hours of her life that she can’t get back being mad, and in return Law of Attraction will give her more to be mad about.  It’s just how it is, like attracts like.  What you focus on is what you’ll attract.

I realized that once a day is over we can’t get that time back, so what’s the point of choosing to be mad, angry, jealous, and all the other lower vibration thoughts and emotions? I’m not suggesting when something happens you don’t feel these emotions, but once you know how to use the Law of Attraction, you don’t allow yourself to stay there for too long because you don’t want to attract more of it.

Solution to how to spend your time.

So with each passing second, minute, hour, and day, are you spending your time with higher vibration thoughts like love, joy, happiness, celebration, etc., OR are you spending your time with the lower vibration thoughts and feelings?

The choice is up to you, but of course I hope you choose like I do to spend your time with higher vibration thoughts and feelings so that the Law of Attraction will give you more of that into your life.

Wishing you a high vibration day 🙂

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Wonderful announcement…

Wonderful announcement…

My wonderful announcement is that my new book just came out on Amazon.

It’s called “Vibratize Your Life!  How To Keep Your Vibrations High To Live A Wonderful Life”

Please go to Amazon and search for the title “Vibratize Your Life” and check it out.

It’s a great book that tells you how to take every day ordinary experiences, and turn them into vibration raising experiences that will help you attract what you want into your life.  Following the ideas in the book, you’ll also appreciate your life more and feel at a higher vibration.  It’s amazing how much fun we can make our life experiences.

Thanks for checking it out and let me know how the Vibratzie Your Life equation works for you!

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