Loneliness and the Law of Attraction

Loneliness and the Law of Attraction

Sometimes when we are feeling lonely, it’s very easy to stay stuck in that feeling.  We remind ourselves how lonely we are, how bad it feels, how unsatisfying life can be, etc.  True to the nature of the Law of Attraction like thoughts attract like thoughts.  Therefore, the more we focus on how lonely we are, the more lonely we will feel because the more we’ll attract other thoughts about being lonely.  What a dreadful place to be in – an endless loop of thoughts keeping us in the low vibration of loneliness.

There Is A Way Out Of Loneliness

There is a way out of loneliness and it starts with a thought.  Yes, just one simple thought can be the open door to a better feeling place.  So what is the magic thought?  It would go something like this “Even though I’m feeling lonely right now, I know that I can think of something I like doing and why I like doing it.”  By deliberately doing this, you’ll start to feel better.  For example, say you’re someone who enjoys hiking.  Simply think about all the reasons you enjoy it.  Maybe it feels good to be out in nature, or maybe seeing and hearing the birds and the other little critters along the way puts a smile on your face, or maybe passing by and saying hello to fellow hikers gives you a sense of community, or maybe it’s all of the above?  Whatever it is, deliberately thinking of activities you enjoy, and why you enjoy them will help you to feel better overall.  Once you start feeling better, from that improved place, then you can deliberately choose to take action and go do something enjoyable to cancel out the loneliness.  Maybe you’ll get inspired to call a friend and ask them to join you for tea, or maybe you’ll go to the book store and catch up on the latest books that appeal to you, or maybe you’ll go to the gym.

So the next time you feel lonely, remember that your thoughts are the open door out of loneliness into satisfaction.

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