Law of Attraction And The Loss Of A Pet

Law of Attraction And The Loss Of A Pet

When we adopt a pet and care for it, become friends with it, love it, play with it, enjoy its company, etc., we’re not thinking about that sad day when it has to leave us and cross the rainbow bridge.

Recently, I lost my angel Pebbles.  We adopted her when she was just 3 months old.  she was 13 when she passed.  People tell me that was a long life and to be happy for all those years we got to enjoy her and care for her.  13 years is a long time, but it doesn’t seem long enough.  Thinking back, it’s amazing how fast those years went.

Now that I’m somewhat recovered from the experience, I can write about it to share how the Law of Attraction helped me get through, and continues to help me get through this tough experience.  Knowing about the Law of Attraction not only helps us attract what we want, but can also help us get through a difficult time in the best way possible.

I guess we typically don’t think of the Law of Attraction and the loss of a pet going together.  However, after I allowed myself to react to the sadness of it all, I realized that I had to start pulling myself up out of it.  I knew it would take time, but I slowly started reaching for better thoughts.  I also realized that when I thought about the day she passed compared to thinking about her cute qualities, that thinking about her cute qualities and fun times we had together made me feel better.  So I started to deliberately focus on the cute things she did, how she would always greet me with lots of kisses whenever I cam home, etc.

It didn’t happen over night, but little by little, these better thoughts helped me start to feel at my more normal raised vibration.  I had to remember that like thoughts attract like thoughts so the more I thought about how much joy she brought, the more thoughts like that came to mind, and that made me feel much better.

Thank goodness I know about the Law of Attraction and how it “works” because without it I’d probably still be sad and attracting more sad circumstances and experiences.

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Law of Attraction Made Easy

Law of Attraction Made Easy

So many people want a simple answer about what the Law of Attraction is.  The simple answer, and my favorite definition is “Like Energy Attracts Like Energy.”  However, what does that mean, and is it easy to make happen?

Like energy attracts like energy means that whatever it is we’re thinking about causes us to feel a certain way (typically good or bad), and that feeling is what the Law of Attraction is responding to.  For example, if someone is thinking thoughts about the lack of money in their life that’s making them feel bad about money.  Law of Attraction responds to that low feeling about money and that person will keep attracting more thoughts and experiences that demonstrate them not having enough money.

Is Law of Attraction Easy To Work With?

Now that you know the above, the Law of Attraction can be easy to work with.  However, since it’s always responding to us, we have to remember that we have to stay focused on what we want so that we attract what we want.  This can be tricky because it’s so easy to just stay focused on ‘what is’ because that’s what we’re experiencing.

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Law of Attraction and Thoughts

Law of Attraction and Thoughts

It’s so interesting to me that regardless of how well someone knows about the Law of Attraction, it can be easy to lose focus and before you know it, your thoughts are about something unwanted, and you’re getting all caught up that.  Many times clients ask me “Why is it so easy to lose focus about thinking about what I want?  I was doing so good, and then out of the blue I realized I was thinking about what I don’t want.”  This is because we are creatures of habit and have all spent years and years practicing thinking about “what is” (the problem) rather than focusing our thoughts on what we want.

The solution to losing focus

The solution to losing focus is to start to become very aware of what you’re thinking about, and how you’re thinking about it.  Once you do that, then you can catch yourself when you start focusing on the problem, rather than the solution.

For example, say someone wants to be in a wonderful, loving relationship.  However, based on past experience and length of time it’s taking them to find someone new, they’re caught up in thinking about how hard it is to find someone, and all the good ones are gone.  Let’s assume this person knows about the Law of Attraction and realizes that they’ll keep attracting what they focus on so they deliberately start to think about the good qualities in they want in someone, and even the idea that they could meet that special someone at any time.  So for a few days this person feels much better about the possibility of meeting someone.  Then as they days go by and no one is showing up, the old thoughts of doubt start coming in like “Why is it taking so long to find someone special?” “I tried to focus on what I want but it’s not working.”  These thoughts just bring this person down vibrationally about relationships and now they’re back focusing on all the negative thoughts they have about relationships.  It’s easy for this to happen regardless of if it’s about relationships, more money, a better job, etc.

But, here’s the encouraging news!  Once you know about the Law of Attraction, even if you find yourself lost in thoughts of what you don’t want, it just takes a second to start re-focusing your thoughts so they’re about what you do want.  One positive thought at a time will help to bring the above person back to thinking about who they’re looking for.  It just takes practice, but with time and practice anyone can get used to thinking more about what they want, then what they don’t want.  Not only does it feel better to focus on what we want, but by doing that, we’re setting ourselves up to attract it.

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