Law of Attraction and Manifesting

We all want to manifest something.  It may be a better job, a new job, a relationship, a car, a dream home, or even feeling happier.  But how does the Law of Attraction play a part in that?  Well it’s always playing a part!  The thing is the Law of Attraction is always responding to us.  What that means is that it’s always responding to the feeling (vibration) we’re offering in general and about specific things.  For example, if we want to attract a wonderful relationship but we’re constantly walking around with thoughts like “why is it so hard to meet someone” or “I’m never going to meet someone special” or “how come my friends are all with someone, but I’m not?”  These and other questions of doubt or lack means we’re putting out negative energy (low vibration) about meeting someone.  The Law of Attraction is just matching that and saying “ok, here’s more of it being hard to meet someone.”  And as a result we’ll have more experiences that support that.  However, if we’re walking around thinking more positive about meeting someone like “I can’t wait to be in a wonderful, loving relationship” or “I’m so excited about meeting someone special” then we’re offering a good, positive feeling about it (a high vibration), and Law of Attraction will respond by suddenly you’ll meet someone, or a friend will suggest someone they thought of you could date.  The trick is to not get caught up in when or how, because when we do that brings in the doubt again.  It’s important to think about what we’re focusing on so that we attract what we want, instead of more of what we don’t want!


One thought on “Law of Attraction and Manifesting

  1. [ Smiles ] The Law of the Attraction seems to be one of the hottest topics these days.

    We should stop living our lives by default and begin visualizing the things that we do want!

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