Law of Attraction talk…

Every day when we wake up we start thinking about something.  Thoughts come and go throughout the day.  Some of the thoughts you’re thinking are negative (low vibration), and some are positive (high vibration).  Most people go about their day as a victim to their thoughts.  If something good happens, they’re in a good mood and will think what a great day they’re having.  If something bad happens, they’ll most likely think what a bad day they’re having.  It sounds simple, but it’s the truth.  But the real question is “How often is the Law of Attraction effecting your life?”  Is it sometimes or only when you think about it?  The answer to that is a definite “no!”  The Law of Attraction is effecting your life all the time, whether you’re aware that it is or not.  It’s giving you more of what you’re thinking about and focusing on regardless if it’s “good” or “bad.”  If you’re thinking about it, you’re going to get more of whatever that is.  The good news is that you don’t have to be a “victim” to your thoughts and emotions.  You can choose to do something about it so you can feel excited about your life all the time and start attracting more of what you want.  One of the ways to do that is to start to become more aware of your thoughts and when you find you’re thinking something negative, flip that thought to the opposite, positive thought.  For example, if you find you’re thinking about how you don’t have enough money, start to think how you have plenty of money and get excited about how that would feel.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t have excess money because Law of Attraction is responding to your higher vibration about money and will start to make things happen in your life so that you start attracting more money if your thoughts are in tune with having plenty of money.


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