What do you want?

How often are you actually thinking about what you want?  I hope the answer is as often as possible.  Sometimes it can be easy, because of habit, to think about all the reasons why you don’t have something you want.  Or maybe you think it’s too hard or out of the question to manifest something.  If you spent all the time thinking about what you don’t want and thought about what you do want, that will serve you in several ways.  First of all you’ll keep yourself at a higher vibration.  When you do that, you’re automatically attracting more of what you want.  Secondly, by thinking more about what you do want, you’ll start attracting it into your life.  I understand that sometimes it can feel hard to focus on what you want over what you don’t want.  But believe me, when you deliberately start doing that, and you get used to it, you’ll really feel the difference and how important it is to do that.

What are you focusing on?


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