How many coaching sessions does it take?

How many coaching sessions does it take?

Many people ask me “David, how many coaching session will I need in order to fully understand the Law of Attraction, and to learn the processes which will help me attract what I want for the rest of my life?”

The answer is that there’s not one answer.

The truth is everyone is different. However, I insist that everyone start with 4 coaching sessions in a row (1 a week for 4 weeks).  I insist on this because that is the minimum amount of sessions it takes to start to get a basic understanding of how to use the Law of Attraction.  Some coaches insist on 8 sessions in a row, and I have seen others that require even more than that.

After the initial 4 sessions most clients continue on with many more sessions because they like what they are learning, and they are starting to understand how to manifest more of what they want.  The also start to feel they are at a higher vibration than when they started coaching. and it feels good!

I have also had clients who just continue with a few more sessions after the initial 4.

Clients usually want more sessions even if they stop at some point.  It seems that during the coaching they are practicing the Law of Attraction processes and techniques, and doing the other “home work” I assign them, and they can feel they have a raised vibration and are starting to feel positive about attracting what they want.  But, as the weeks go by it’s typical that they may start reverting back to old habits and realize they aren’t feeling as vibrationally high as they were when they were doing the coaching, so they want a few more sessions to get them back to where they were.

The more coaching sessions you have, the more momentum you’re building up towards helping yourself not only attract what you want, but to feel better than you ever have.

It’s important to keep your vibration high so that your resistance to attracting what you want is lower. When the resistance is lower, you start manifesting your desires.

I hope this helps to explain how you might figure out how many coaching sessions you may need.

If you’d like to experience a Law of Attraction coaching session for free, I always offer a free mini phone coaching session to potential clients.  Please go to to schedule it.


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