Relationships and Law of Attraction . . .

Relationships and Law of Attraction

Believe it or not, relationships and the Law of Attraction have alot to do with each other because how you think about the following types of relationships is what you’re attracting.  When I use the word “relationships,” to me there are three types:

(1) There’s the relationship you have with yourself;

(2) the relationship(s) you have with other people; and

(3) the relationship you have, or want to have, with a love interest.

The thoughts and vibrations you’re putting out about all 3 types of relationships is exactly what you’re experiencing.

Ask yourself these relationship questions

Have you ever even thought about the relationship you have with yourself?  Are you good to yourself, kind to yourself, or do you put yourself down alot?

What about the relationships you have with other people?  Do you enjoy them, criticize them, or go out of your way to make them good?

And of course where are you thoughts about finding true love, or if you have found it, are you enjoying it, or complaining about it?

If you really take the time to ask yourself the above questions, it’s a great start to finding out where your thoughts/vibrations are when it comes to relationships in all 3 areas, because they’re all connected.

Once you’re honest with yourself about where you stand, then you can start using Law of Attraction processes to start attracting the kind of relationship(s) you really want, in all areas of your life, including with yourself!

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