Law of Attraction and depression

It’s wonderful to use the Law of Attraction to attract material things into your life. You can use it to attract anything from your dream home, to your dream car, to attracting more money, and even your dream job.

However, another great aspect of using the Law of Attraction is using it to keep yourself feeling good. What I mean by feeling good is feeling excited about life, feeling excited about starting a new day, feeling better emotionally than you used to.

I actually think using the Law of Attraction in this way is even more powerful than for material things. Once you know the processes to do this, and you go through each day feeling better and more excited about your life than you used to, those higher vibrations will actually effect the other areas of your life in a positive way, and you’ll start attracting more experiences and situations that will keep you feeling good and exciting about life! You can actually choose not to feel depressed or sad or down. Once you do that and you know how, what a difference a day makes. After all, why would you choose to feel bad when you can choose to feel better and better and better?

So the next time you feel bad or depressed about something, do your best not to hang out in that vibration, and do something fun to raise yourself up out of that. After all, we’re supposed to experience joy as much as possible, so why not say “yes” to that?!

I know I’m choosing to have a joyful day today, and I hope you do as well.

Life Coach David


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