Another “win” to share…

Another “win” to share

I really like sharing “wins” because not only does it demonstrate Law of Attraction in action, the more I focus on what wins I’m having, the more wins will come my way. I don’t know about you, but I want as many wins as possible!  A win is anything good that happens for you.  I can be something you may consider small like finding the perfect parking spot, or getting a compliment, or it may be something you may consider big like attracting an unexpected check in the mail.  Either way, a win is a win.

Here’s my win.

I was thinking about advertising my life coaching practice in Natural Awakenings. That magazine is distributed all over the U.S. and since I do phone coaching, I was thinking of trying out different cities. One of the places I was thinking about placing an ad was in the Boston area. So I contacted the person in charge and when we spoke she said “I’m vibratizing my life!” At first I thought she was just conscious of keeping her vibrations high, but then she said that she read my book “Vibratize Your Life” and is practicing the techniques in the book, and was thoroughly enjoying it.

She then said she also told her sister about the book, and now they’re both consciously vibratizing their lives and loving the results.  They even share with each other what they’re doing to raise their vibrations, which they never did before reading the book.

This was amazing to me that the person I called had read my book because it’s rare that I get to talk to people who read it.

Then she went on to tell me that she was enjoying it so much that she left a 5 star review on Amazon!

What an amazing win (actually a few wins), and I’m so thankful that the book is helping people and they are enjoying it.

I also decided to advertise in that publication.

If you want to find out more about attracting wins, or need coaching for something else, I always offer a free first mini phone coaching session.  Just go to to schedule it.

You can attract what you want!

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