Free Law of Attraction Coaching Session

Free Law of Attraction Coaching Session

It’s important for me to offer free mini phone coaching sessions.  This is because the potential client can experience this type of coaching to see if they resonate with.  On my end of things, I find out what the client may want coaching for, and if I think I’m a good match for them.

What is Law of Attraction coaching like?

During the free mini phone coaching session, I give the potential client a few examples of how Law of Attraction can help them and why it would help them.  I always explain things as simply as possible, but in as much detail as possible.  To me, learning about the Law of Attraction is like when you first start to learn math.  If you don’t understand the basics of math, you’re not going to understand it as it gets more advanced.  The same is true about the Law of Attraction.  If you don’t understand the basics, and why, as time goes on, you’re not going to understand more advanced LOA talk and how to apply it in your own life.

Of course everyone comes to coaching with different life situations and desires, but with my experience and training, there’s nothing we can’t talk about, or work on with success.

So if you’re seriously considering this type of coaching, just go to to schedule your first free mini phone coaching session.

You can attract what you want!




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