Law of Attraction and The Casino

I went to the casino over the weekend because a friend was visiting and wanted to see what it would be like compared to where he’s from.

On the way there I reminded myself that regardless of if I win or lose, I just wanted to enjoy myself and have fun.

However, about half way through the night I was not winning on any slot machine, and I could feel my vibration lower. It was at that time that I reminded myself to just focus on having fun and just enjoy being there. I could feel my vibration raise slightly (I know that any raise in vibration is excellent, even a slight vibration). After that, I sat at yet another slot machine and starting hitting the bonus several times. The bonuses didn’t pay out anything big, but it still felt good to finally hit a bonus or two.

Then out of the blue, a family friend who I didn’t even know was there saw me and we chatted for a few minutes and they just handed me $50 and said “have fun with this” and walked away. At that time I thought “isn’t it amazing what a raise in vibration can do?!”

I then saw a slot machine that I had wanted to play before but was taken, was finally available. So I quickly went over to it and started playing on it. I like this particular slot machine because when the bonus happens it’s a fun bonus with lots of happy sounds and animation. I also noticed on this machine that it had a random bonus that would pay out $175 if you happen to get 2 dragon symbols at the same time. I kept looking at the $175 bonus and kept thinking “I really want to win that – I really want to win that.” Literally a few spins later, I got the 2 dragon symbols AND the bonus on the same spin! When that one spin was over I had won $250! What a great bonus.

This was a great example to me of how important it is to know how to use the Law of Attraction so that you can become aware of when your vibration is low, and then do something about it so you can improve your destiny!

New Life Expo

I just got back from the New Life Expo in New York and it was great! I was there promoting my Law of Attraction life coaching. It was exciting to meet so many people who know about the Law of Attraction, and those who want to know more about how to use it in their daily lives so it works in their favor.

I also had some very interesting experiences. I had my numerology done which really seemed to be accurate. I also went to a psychic who used Tarot cards. Her reading was interesting, but I’m not sure I agree with it. At one point I had a fantastic massage and had a healing treatment done. For the healing treatment I lied down on a table under a heat lamp. Then the healer took an infra red wand and used it on many points along my back, legs and feet. It felt very good and relaxing.

I’m looking forward to doing the Expo again.

Hope you’re choosing to have a great day!

Life Coach David

Dating expert is no expert…

I was watching TV today and happened to land on a channel where there was a dating expert being interviewed.

It was interesting because I was waiting to hear the secret on how to find someone from this person’s point of view.

However, I was shocked that all the interview did for anyone watching was to let them know how hard and time consuming it is to meet someone special.

The entire interview was filled with negative comments about dating, where to meet someone, etc. Both the expert and the interviewer were pre-paving a very unappealing journey on how to find love.

Just think of all the single people who saw that interview today who probably bought into all the negative thoughts and vibrations about finding someone without realizing that that’s what they will attract by doing that.

It made me wish I was part of that interview because I would have burst their negative bubble by insisting that if someone looking for a special person used Law of Attraction in the right way, they would easily find someone. It would be an enjoyable experience for them, and they could find that person in an endless variety of ways.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone was interviewed who said thoughts like “it can be easy to meet your special someone, just continuously focus on how you want that person to be and what it would feel like if they were in your life right now,” and people watching actually did that!

To anyone single who’s reading this who wants to meet their special someone, I really hope you’re pre-paving meeting that person in a positive way so that they will manifest for you sooner than later.

Choose to have a great day!

Life Coach David

Wins, Wins, Wins

It’s so wonderful when you know how to use the Law of Attraction so it works in your favor. It’s always responding to your thoughts and vibrations even if you don’t know how to use it, but when you do life just gets better.

It’s still early today but I’ve already had so many wins!

I woke up to several good news emails.

I received a very generous gift from someone.

As soon as I got to the subway platform, the train that usually takes a long time to arrive, pulled up right as I got there.

When I went into the building I had to be at, the elevator doors were closing and someone inside the elevator went out of their way to put their hand in between the doors so they would open for me, and when they got off the elevator at their floor the said “have a great day” which is another win!

I love when my day starts out with win after win after win and I am so grateful for each one.

I can’t wait to find out what my next win will be!

I hope you have many wins today as well.

Life Coach David

Law of Attraction and the dishwasher…

When I was emptying my dishwasher this morning I realized that it made for a great metaphor in regards to the Law of Attraction.

First of all the dishwasher’s goal is to clean your dishes. It doesn’t stop half way through the cycle and ask itself “gee, I wonder if I should continue getting to my goal of cleaning the dishes, or should I just stop now because it’s taking longer than I thought to run this cycle.” It continues on with certainty until the dishes are clean. And I know that when I open the dishwasher to empty it, I expect 100% that everything inside will be clean, and it is.

Using the dishwasher as an example of Law of Attraction is great because when you ask for what you want, Law of Attraction is like the dishwasher in the sense that as long as you have no resistance to receiving whatever it is you’re wanting, it will deliver it to you, just like the dishwasher always gives you clean dishes. And, if you could have the same certainty that you have in knowing that when you turn the dishwasher on you will end up with clean dishes as you do in trusting that you WILL manifest whatever it is that you’re wanting without any doubt, then you will manifest it!

So try to be like the dishwasher because you KNOW that when you turn it on you will end up with clean dishes, just like when you turn on your emotions about getting excited about something you want, and stay in the excitement about it (a raised vibration), then it WILL manifest for you!

Choose to have a great day!

Life Coach David