Deleting negative thoughts…

Have you ever noticed that when you get an email you don’t want, you simply delete it in a matter of seconds? But, have you ever noticed that when you’re thinking a negative thought, instead of deleting it, you hold onto it and ponder it? It’s interesting from a Law of Attraction perspective that if we can easily delete an unwanted email, shouldn’t we be able to “delete” an unwanted thought as well?

The good news is that yes, we can do that. After all, what good is holding onto a negative thought when you know that doing that isn’t good for you? It’s just going to keep you at a lower vibration, and you’re going to invite other negative thoughts and situations to manifest for you. You have to remember that the Law of Attraction gives you back whatever it is you’re focusing on, regardless if it’s something positive or negative.

So I invite you to delete your negative thoughts as quickly as you do your unwanted email so you can enjoy your life as much as possible!

Here’s hoping you choose to have a wonderful day!

Life Coach David


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