What type of season are you choosing?

This morning I passed a large sign that said “It’s cold and flu season…”
Thousands of people pass this sign every day.
It made me realize that thousands of people every day are told, “It’s cold and flu season..” and as such are probably attracting that to themselves and getting sick.
Wouldn’t it be amazing if there were signs posted that said, “IT’S PERFECT HEALTH SEASON.”
Just think how wonderful it would be for everyone to be getting that message instead!
I’m sure there would be much less people getting the cold and flu if they were thinking “it’s perfect health season.”
I’m choosing to think “it’s perfect health season” and I hope you choose to think that as well.
Here’s to a perfect health season all year long!

Choose to have a great day.

Life Coach David


2 thoughts on “What type of season are you choosing?

    • Hi,
      Yes – that’s great to know others are thinking the same thing.
      That’s why I say “I’m choosing to have a perfect health day and hope you do too.”
      The more of us that choose that, the better!
      Thanks for the comment and have a great day.

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