Magnetize Your Life!

I just wanted everyone to know that my new book Magnetize Your Life! is now available on Amazon.
It’s a great ebook that has several techniques and processes that are fun to do, and that will help you to attract what you want into your life.
I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.
Thanks for checking it out!
Life Coach David
p.s. Please help spread the word about my new book – thanks.

Deleting negative thoughts…

Have you ever noticed that when you get an email you don’t want, you simply delete it in a matter of seconds? But, have you ever noticed that when you’re thinking a negative thought, instead of deleting it, you hold onto it and ponder it? It’s interesting from a Law of Attraction perspective that if we can easily delete an unwanted email, shouldn’t we be able to “delete” an unwanted thought as well?

The good news is that yes, we can do that. After all, what good is holding onto a negative thought when you know that doing that isn’t good for you? It’s just going to keep you at a lower vibration, and you’re going to invite other negative thoughts and situations to manifest for you. You have to remember that the Law of Attraction gives you back whatever it is you’re focusing on, regardless if it’s something positive or negative.

So I invite you to delete your negative thoughts as quickly as you do your unwanted email so you can enjoy your life as much as possible!

Here’s hoping you choose to have a wonderful day!

Life Coach David

What type of season are you choosing?

This morning I passed a large sign that said “It’s cold and flu season…”
Thousands of people pass this sign every day.
It made me realize that thousands of people every day are told, “It’s cold and flu season..” and as such are probably attracting that to themselves and getting sick.
Wouldn’t it be amazing if there were signs posted that said, “IT’S PERFECT HEALTH SEASON.”
Just think how wonderful it would be for everyone to be getting that message instead!
I’m sure there would be much less people getting the cold and flu if they were thinking “it’s perfect health season.”
I’m choosing to think “it’s perfect health season” and I hope you choose to think that as well.
Here’s to a perfect health season all year long!

Choose to have a great day.

Life Coach David

Why bother looking?

I was surfing the web and realized that most of the pop-ups and articles are vibration lowering.

Seriously, how many stories on the web are positive, vibration raising articles? Yes there are some, but mostly it’s all depressing and sad news, just like on TV.

So I decided why bother looking at anything that lowers my vibration? There’s nothing I can do about most of the things, so it’s simply a waste of time, and vibration lowering. Remember that when it comes to Law of Attraction, how you’re vibrating is what you’re attracting into your experience. Knowing that, I want my vibrations to always be as high as possible, as often as possible. So from now on, I’m vowing to only look at positive, inspiring, and vibration raising stories. Do you think you could do that, or are you too tuned into having to know all the terrible things going on?

Something to think about!

Choose to have a great day.

Life Coach David

Where are you going?

The other day on the train I found it very interesting that the conductor was only telling the passengers where the train WASN’T going instead of where it IS going. He was literally announcing “passengers, this train is not going to “X”, “Y”, and “Z”.

It made me think about the Law of Attraction because I bet most people spend most of their time thinking about where they’re not going in their lives. Of course when it comes to the Law of Attraction, the more someone thinks about where they’re not going, the more they’re not going to get anywhere they want to be – metaphorically speaking.

So it made me think how wonderful it would be if we all spent our time thinking of where we want to go in life. This could mean focusing on things like: the kind of job you want (instead of the one you don’t like), the kind of person you want to end up with (instead of complaining about all the ones who were wrong for you), how much money you want to have (instead of feeling bad about how much you don’t have), etc., etc.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all focused on where we want to go in life instead of on where we’re not going?

Choose to enjoy your day!

Life Coach David

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