You get what you think about…

You get what you think about…

I love the quote “you get what you think about” from the book “Ask And It Is Given” by Esther Hicks, because it says it all so simply.

So I ask whoever is reading this what I ask my clients, “Are you thinking about the absence of whatever it is you want to manifest, or about the having of it?”

It’s so wonderful when you get to a place where you deliberately choose to think about the abundance of having something even if it hasn’t manifested in your life yet.  We have to remember that we can’t keep thinking and focusing on what is.  By thinking about what is, you’ll keep attract what is.  We have to focus on what we want, so what we want will become what is.

It’s a choice

You get what you think about – so why not choose to think about what you want and how great it will make you feel to have it?

Sounds so simple, and it can be with time and practice.

I hope you’re choosing to have a great day and choosing very carefully what you’re thinking about!

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You can attract what you want!


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