The Thoughts Between The Thoughts

The Thoughts Between The Thoughts

It’s very interesting when you become aware enough to figure out what you’re actually thinking about throughout the day. But it’s also amazing when you realize there’s a lot of time throughout the day when you’re not really thinking about anything in particular. Those are the thoughts between the thoughts times.

Maybe you’re going to the bathroom, washing the dishes, or walking the dog.  The thoughts between the thoughts times are happening all the time throughout the day.

How to use these times for your benefit.

I’d like to suggest that if you can figure out when you have these moments during the day, why not fill them with wonderful positive thoughts? It’s a great way to help raise your vibration so that you’ll start attracting more positive thoughts that will float through your mind.

One way to make this easier is to just make a list of words or short phrases that make you feel good.  This list will be different for everyone, but some ideas could be words/phrases like:  chocolate, rainbows, kittens, puppies, excited about life, hiking, surfing, swimming.  The list can be endless, so do your best to write down what feels best for you.

Do you think you can deliberately fill the thoughts between the thoughts times with positive thoughts?

Give it a try and enjoy the results.

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You can attract what you want!

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