Is it possible to only think positive thoughts?

Is it possible to only think positive thoughts?

To be a deliberate creator by using the Law of Attraction, it’s a must to constantly think about what you want, what you want, what you want.  This is because we know that what we focus on and think about is what we’re going to attract.

But besides doing that, how much of your day is spent on thinking positive thoughts?  I once asked a potential client “How much of your day do you think about and focus on what you want?”  To my surprise she was honest and said “Not much of the day at all.”  How can she expect to attract what she wants if she hardly spends any time thinking about and focusing on what she wants?

I was thinking about it and I have decided to choose to think positive thoughts as much as possible throughout the day.

There’s plenty of time between this and that when we’re all just thinking about nothing, so why not choose to fill that time with thinking about something positive?

How to help yourself think positive thoughts.

Think about something you want to have happen, or that’s already happened that was something you wanted.  By doing this you’ll keep yourself in the vibration of it and it can’t help but manifest for you at some point.

Hope you do this with me so you can benefit from your thoughts!

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You can attract what you want!


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