What is your “Thought Footprint”?

We all know that there is a carbon footprint and it’s good to know how your carbon footprint is effecting the world.
But what about your thought footprint?
What thoughts are you putting out there into the universe?
Are you polluting the universal thought consciousness and helping to cause negative things happening?
Or, are you helping the universal thought consciousness by thinking positive thoughts, and therefore helping to bring positive events and circumstances to the world?
In my opinion, it’s just as important to be aware of your thought footprint as you are of your carbon footprint.
Being aware of your thought footprint, and choosing to think and feel positive thoughts will help attract more positive things to yourself, as well as to the world at large.
So I’m asking you to start to become aware of your thought footprint and if you find you’re contributing negatively to yourself and the world, consider updating your thoughts to more positive thoughts.
So I ask you, what’s your thought footprint, and are you willing to improve it?
Here’s to an improved universal thought footprint!
Life Coach David

The Thoughts Between The Thoughts

It’s very interesting when you become aware enough to figure out what you’re actually thinking about. But it’s also amazing when you realize there’s a lot of time throughout the day when you’re not really thinking about anything in particular. Those are the thoughts between the thoughts.

Sometimes these thoughts between the thoughts occur when you’re just walking somewhere or waiting for something, or driving in your car, or going to the bathroom, etc.

I’d like to suggest that if you can figure out when you have these moments during the day, why not fill them with wonderful positive thoughts? It’s a great way to help raise your vibration so that you’ll start attracting more positive thoughts that will float through your mind, and before you know it you’ll be feeling more excited about life!

Do you think you can fill the thoughts between the thoughts with positive thoughts?

Let me know.

Thanks and I hope you choose to have a great day.


Is it possible to only think positive thoughts?

To be a deliberate creator by using the Law of Attraction, it’s a must to constantly think about what you want, what you want, what you want. But besides from doing that, how much of your day is spent on thinking positive thoughts? I was thinking about it, and have decided to choose to think positive thoughts as much as possible throughout the day. There’s plenty of time between this and that when we’re all just thinking about nothings, so why not choose to fill that time with thinking about something positive that you want to have happen or that’s already happened? Hope you all do this with me!!!
I choose to have a great day and hope that you do to.