Law of Attraction and Email

Law of Attraction and Email

Many many times a day we all check our email from our smart phones.

You press the right buttons and then it says – “Connecting…”

And your phone connects to your email, and then your email appears on the screen.

So like your smart phone is connecting to get your email, I ask you, what are you “connecting” to when it comes to your thoughts and feelings?

Are you connecting to the positive aspects of your day, your life, your experiences, what you do have?  Or, are you connecting to how things aren’t going your way, how much you don’t have, why is this day so bad, and other low vibration thoughts?  You have to do your best to become very aware of not only what you’re thinking about, but how you’re thinking about it.

When it comes to the Law of Attraction, what you’re “connecting” to at every moment is expanding and you’ll attract more of the same.  That’s why it’s so important to become aware of your thoughts.  What you think about causes you to feel a certain way, and Law of Attraction is picking up on that feeling and setting you up for more experiences and circumstances that match it.

Choose what you connect to.

So the next time you check your email and you see the word “connecting” on your phone, ask yourself “what am I connecting to?” and make sure you’re connecting to what you want: feeling good, thinking good thoughts, so you can start attracting more of what you want!

Enjoy connecting to the right thoughts and feelings so your day will be filled with more joy!


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You can attract what you want!