Law of Attraction and Conversations

Law of Attraction and Conversations

Being a Law of Attraction life coach I know my ear is more tuned into what people are saying than most people. However, recently I heard several conversations between people that I happened to be sitting by and I came to a realization. The realization being that most people have no idea that they’re attracting what they focus on, and are focusing on what they don’t want!

For example, one of the conversations was between to guys on the bus (they were sitting behind me). The entire bus ride (about 20 minutes), their conversation was one guy complaining to the other guy about his wife and kids, and the other guy agreeing with him, and in return giving negative examples of things he didn’t like about his wife and kid. They had no idea that by focusing on all the negative aspects of their families, they’re just going to attract more experiences like that. Not to mention they had to be lowering each other’s vibrations with each negative thought.

The other wonderful example I have (I say sarcastically) was between two women on the train. They too were complaining to each other about their boyfriends the entire train ride! No wonder why they have so much to complain about – the complaints seem to be all they want to focus on.

Become more aware.

So I ask you – what do you talk about with your friends? Do you complain about this and that, or do you focus on positive aspects of your life and experiences?

When you hear others complaining by the water cooler, are you joining in that vibration too?

Once you know about the Law of Attraction and find out techniques on how it all works so you can have it working to your benefit, it’s amazing how you won’t find yourself engaging in complaints about this and that because you know you’ll just attract more things to complain about.

So here’s to all the people out there who are practicing Law of Attraction techniques so that they will attract wonderful experiences and enjoy life!

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You can attract what you want!


Law of Attraction life coaching for couples

Law of Attraction life coaching for couples.

As you probably know, working with a Law of Attraction life coach improves your life so much that it’s beyond exciting.

Every client I have worked with has had amazing improvements in their life from life coaching because they’re doing the work between life coaching sessions, which is not only fun, but vibration raising so that they start attracting more of what they want and feel more excited about life.

I have also been doing couples life coach sessions, and the results are just as exciting!

If your spouse (or best friend) are also into Law of Attraction, or want to be, doing joint life coach sessions is amazing because you can grow together and use what you learn from the life coach session on each other during the week between sessions.

The couples I am coaching have all had wonderful results and are so glad they are doing it together.

Couples and/or Friends

So if you’re part of a couple, or even have a best friend that you think would benefit from doing joint coaching sessions, go for it, you’ll love expanding your lives together!

I always offer a first free mini phone coaching session.  If you’d like to schedule that just go to

You can attract what you want!