Reba and Law of Attraction

Reba and Law of Attraction

As a certified Law of Attraction life coach my ear is always tuned in to what people are saying, feeling, etc.

Sometimes I tune into TV shows as well. I’ve found several examples of Law of Attraction in “I Love Lucy” which I have talked about in other posts.

Recently I was watching the TV show “Reba” and heard the perfect example of how to use the Law of Attraction.

One of Reba’s daughters was moping around and feeling sad.

Finally Reba couldn’t take this downer child anymore and said to her something like “you’ve got to snap out of this feeling down.” Her daughter then says “what do you want me to to, pretend I’m happy?” and Reba answers “YES – that’s a good start!”

Why this is a good example of Law of Attraction

I love this example of Law of Attraction. When you’re feeling down absolutely “pretend” you’re happy and start raising your vibration. Of course this was a very basic example in the sense that it’s great to know certain techniques that can help you raise your vibration (which a life coach like me can help you with). But even if you don’t know any, you can pretend your way into feeling better by just thinking about things you enjoy doing and why you enjoy doing them.

I will keep listening for examples of Law of Attraction both in everyday conversations, and on TV and look forward to sharing more examples with you!

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You can attract what you want!


What do you want to experience?

What do you want to experience?

Very often when working with clients I refocus them by asking “what is it that you do want?”  I do this because they’re so used to focusing on “what is” that they get stuck there.  By continuing to focus on “what is” they’re setting themselves up to continue existing in what is.  When they do shift to what they want, from that point on they feel a positive shift and are back on track to thoughts about what they want which will set them up to not only feeling better, but to attract what they want.

Another very important question to ask yourself is “what do I want to experience?” Thinking about all the good things you want to experience will get you excited about life and will send out high vibrations. Those high vibrations will be answered by the Law of Atrraction, and as long as you allow, those experiences that you want are on their way!

Questions to ask yourself.

So what is it that you want to experience?
Buying a new home?
Driving a fancy car?
Meeting that special someone?
Finding the courage to try out a new career?
Doing something fun?
Feeling joyful all day long?

Whatever it is, have fun focusing on the question “what do you want?” to experience and why and enjoy!

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