What are you focusing on?

What are you focusing on?

The other day while I was driving I was focusing on how beautiful the cloud formations were, and how the sky was such a beautiful shade of blue.

I was also focusing on how nice the trees looked and how they decorated the highway and made it look appealing.

While I was focusing on these beautiful aspects of the day, I was feeling it too and getting more excited about life.

Focus on the positive aspects.

The interesting thing is that I was driving through a dangerous neighborhood with lots of ugly buildings and bad graffiti was written on the walls of the highway.  However, I was choosing to focus on the positive aspects of the area which were raising my vibration.

It was a great example to me of how important it is to CHOOSE to focus on the positive aspects of whatever it is your doing regardless of where you are.

So I’ll ask whoever is reading this the same thing I ask my clients – “What are you focusing on?”