Is Watching The News Worth It?

Lately I’ve been wondering if watching the news is worth watching.

All of us into Law of Attraction know how important it is to keep our thoughts, feelings, and vibrations high.

Watching the news for sure is a vibration lowering experience.

After hearing about who got shot, what fire burned down someone’s home, how bad the economy is, etc., I can feel the difference in how I feel.

So, how is it serving me to know all the negative information the news broadcasts?

It’s even strange to me that the reporters who report 99% horrible news seem to always end the story with a smile on their face – what’s that about?

I guess if there’s something “major” happening it would be important to know about it.

But I’ve pretty much decided to stop watching the news, so I can pay more attention to watching my thoughts, feelings, and vibrations!

Do you think it’s worth watching the news???

Thanks for thinking about it.

Life Coach David

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