“I Love Lucy” and Law of Attraction – yet again!

“I Love Lucy” and Law of Attraction – yet again!

I happened to be watching ‘I Love Lucy‘ this morning while I was exercising, and once again Law of Attraction was demonstrated perfectly by Lucy!

It was the episode where Ricky was going to have a screen test for his big break into the movies. Ricky was talking negatively about it “what if he doesn’t do a good job”, etc. etc., and Lucy kept saying things like “you’re totally going to get in the picture”, “California here we come”, “I wonder if we should live in Hollywood or Bevelry Hills?” Each time she made a positive statement (attracting to her what she wants), Ricky would say “how can you be so sure”, etc. etc., and she said “you have to hold a positive thought!”

Who knew that “I Love Lucy” was filled with a wonderful example of Law of Attraction???

So now I ask whoever is reading this, what I always ask my clients “are you holding a positive thought to all that you want or are you thinking in lack, and stopping yourself from manifesting it?”

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You can attract what you want!



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