Rampage Of Gratitude….

In using Law of Attraction to attract what you want, one process I use with my clients is called the “Rampage of Gratitude”.
This is a great process that instantly raises your vibration, and draws to you more things to be grateful for.
You can do this process out loud if you’re alone, or to yourself anywhere – while driving, while standing in line somewhere, etc.
What you do is say/think about all the things you are grateful for and really feel how good it feels.
I like to start as far back as I can remember and take it to the present day.
It’s amazing how many things there are that come that that you can be thankful for.
Some right off the top of my head are:
I’m thankful for all the friends I’ve ever had,
I’m thankful for every check I’ve ever received,
I’m thankful for all the healers I’ve worked with over the years.
And on and on and on!
It’s also a good idea to write all these things down in a notebook and add to the list as more things come up.
If you’re ever feeling low, just start reading about all the things your’e grateful for and you will totally raise your vibrations.
Please try this and let me know how you like it!
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Thanks for reading and enjoying my blog!
Life Coach David

Is Watching The News Worth It?

Lately I’ve been wondering if watching the news is worth watching.

All of us into Law of Attraction know how important it is to keep our thoughts, feelings, and vibrations high.

Watching the news for sure is a vibration lowering experience.

After hearing about who got shot, what fire burned down someone’s home, how bad the economy is, etc., I can feel the difference in how I feel.

So, how is it serving me to know all the negative information the news broadcasts?

It’s even strange to me that the reporters who report 99% horrible news seem to always end the story with a smile on their face – what’s that about?

I guess if there’s something “major” happening it would be important to know about it.

But I’ve pretty much decided to stop watching the news, so I can pay more attention to watching my thoughts, feelings, and vibrations!

Do you think it’s worth watching the news???

Thanks for thinking about it.

Life Coach David

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“I Love Lucy” and Law of Attraction – yet again!

I happened to be watching ‘I Love Lucy’ this morning while I was exercising and once again Law of Attraction was demonstrated perfectly by Lucy!

It was the episode where Ricky was going to have a screen test for his big break into the movies. Ricky was talking negatively about it “what if he doesn’t do a good job”, etc. etc., and Lucy kept saying things like “you’re totally going to get in the picture”, “California here we come”, “I wonder if we should live in Hollywood or Bevelry Hills?” Each time she made a positive statement (attracting to her what she wants), Ricky would say “how can you be so sure”, etc. etc., and she said “you have to hold a positive thought!”

Who knew that “I Love Lucy” was filled with wonderful example of Law of Attraction???

So now I ask whoever is reading this, what I always ask my clients “are you holding a positive thought to all that you want?”

Have a great day, I know I will!

Thanks for reading my blog 🙂

Life Coach David

A fun way to raise your vibrations in the moment

Anybody who is aware of Law of Attraction (and hopefully many are), knows that keeping your vibrations high is important so that you’ll attract more circumstances in your life that will feel good to you, and that feel good feeling raises your vibrations. And of course, you want more good things to happen for you, and more good things to happen for you, etc. etc. One easy way to raise your vibrations in the moment is to keep something that you find cute in your view, or at least close by.

You may have a cute key chain that makes you smile every time you look at it. Or, you may have something cute on your desk at work that gives you a good feeling whenever you see it. I personally have made sure that everything in my home office makes me feel good when I look at it. From my desk to what I keep on my shelves, all in some way makes me feel good.

My desk makes me feel good because it is vintage, and has hand carving on the drawers and legs. Every time I come into my office and see it a feeling of gratitude comes over me because I’m thankful that I have such a beautiful desk to sit at. I have some cute stuffed animals on some of my shelves that make me smile every time I see them. All these feel good feelings that I’m sending out are drawing more good things to my life.

So what can you keep by you that will make you feel good every time you look at it?

Are you already doing that? If so, what?