Should you keep a “win” journal?

Keeping a Win Journal

One of the first things I suggest to a new client is to keep what’s called a “win” journal.  Since we work with the Law of Attraction, keeping a win journal is a must.

Why keep a Win Journal?

I’m sure you’re thinking “but David, what is a win journal and why should I keep one?”

The way to use a win journal is to find a pleasing looking notebook, and on the front actualy write the words “My Win Journal”.

Every time you have a “win”, write it down in the journal.

A win is anything good that happened for you.  It can be anything from finding the perfect parking spot at the mall, hearing good news, getting an unexpected check in the mail, a stranger wishing you to have a nice day, getting a ride home when you thought you had to walk, etc., etc., etc.

It is important to do this because what we focus on is what we attract.  When you write down all your wins, you’re focusing on them, and guess what, you’re setting yourself up to attract more wins to come your way!  Who doesn’t want as many wins as possible?

The other great reason to keep a win journal is because you can use it as a tool to help raise your vibration when necessary.  This happens because say you find you’re feeling down.  Once you realize you’re feeling down, of course you don’t want to keep yourself there.  Simply go through your win journal and just by reading all the wins you’ve had is sure to raise your vibration and put you in a better mood.  Hey, guess what, finding you’re in a better mood is a win too!

So why not start your Win Journal today and attract more wins to come your way!

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You can attract what you want!