Law of Attraction and the slot machine…

Law of Attraction and the slot machine…

The other day I knew I was going to go to a casino because I was invited to go, and I think it’s fun to play the slot machines. So being a certified Law of Attraction life coach I knew I better get my vibrations in line with a winning feeling/vibration. So I decided to simply feel excited about going, and that I was feeling lucky, and how wonderful it is to feel lucky. I also knew which kind of machine I wanted to play because last time I was there, I had passed by a row of these machines and I thought they looked fun because they were very interactive. I watched for a minute last time I was there and noticed that if you hit the bonus you have to press things on the screen and all these fun things happened.

So, when we got to the casino we all went our separate ways and I went right over to the slot machines I wanted to play. There were 5 in a row of the same one, and they were all taken.  Apparently it’s a vert popular slot machine. So I waited and waited and finally the person playing directly in front of me decided to get up because she just won $100 and wanted to walk away a winner.

At first I thought to myself that maybe that machine wouldn’t win again because she just won. But, as fast as that thought came in I replaced it with “anything is possible and if she won, I can win as well”, and I went right back to just being excited to play. I also found out that I had a $20 credit on my casino card for $20 worth of free play. I was very glad about this because I didn’t even have that much money on me, so the extra $20 was a welcome surprise.

I finally got to play

So I put the $20 credit on the machine and put in a $20 bill. So there I was with a $40 credit and my excitement. So I started playing while I was thinking how exciting it would be to hit the bonus so I could get to press all the fun buttons. At only about the 5th spin I got a bonus and I got to have fun pressing the bonus buttons while the machine was adding whatever money I was winning to the credit line!

A few spins later I hit again with another bonus! This kept happening over and over and all the other players were not hitting like this and everyone wanted to know why my machine kept winning!!!

Needless to say after a few hours of pure fun I walked away with over $300!

This was a double win as the fun of it all was one win, and of course winning the money was another win.

Thank you Law of Attraction for helping me win all that money and for having so much fun.

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You can attract what you want!


What are you thinking about?

What are you thinking about?  You have to be aware.

When it comes to being an experienced and certified Law of Attraction life coach, one of the most important things I look out for is how my clients think about something they want.  This is so that I can show them how to think about what they want so they will attract it instead of complaining about it, which will keep it away from them.

I thought of this today when I was eating lunch out at a very busy local eatery.  It’s the kind of place where all the tables are very close to each other.  You’re at your own table, but you might as well be sitting with your neighbor.

After sitting down and while I was enjoying my salad, I started realizing that everyone around me was complaining about this or that to the person they were sitting with.  Even the lady on the cell phone was telling someone some very negative things about a situation she found herself in.

It’s no wonder why so many people keep attracting more and more of what they don’t want – it’s because that’s what they mainly talk and think about!

The solution…

Just think how amazing it would be if everyone talked about what they wanted and the good things that happened to them that day.

Remembering that the Law of Attraction responds to both good and bad vibrations/thoughts to bring you more of the same, don’t you want to be aware enough to have more of what you want brought into your daily experience?  It just takes practice and you’ll get used to focusing on what you want (instead of what you don’t want).

So, if you’re someone who complains alot about a situation, or talks negatively about this or that – if you want to stop those kinds of experiences from happening to you over and over again, start talking about what you do want and focus on that.  When you do that it’s amazing how good things can get and it’s amazing how much better you’ll feel overall.

What is it that you’re talking about with your friends and family?

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