A Deeper Level of Gratitutde

Being greatful is one of the most wonderful things you can do for yourself.  It’s wondeful to be greatful for your house, your car, jour job, etc., because the more greatful you are for the things you have, the more things you’ll attract to be greatful for.  However, I would like to suggest expanding your level of gratitude way beyond all that you can see.  What I mean by this is consider being greatful for the things you don’t necessarily think about because they’re more abstract.  For example, have you ever been on a walk and you’re suddenly thankful for the sidewalk that lets you easily walk to your destination?  To take it even further than that, not only are you greatful for the sidewalk, but for all the men who worked to make the sidewalk and for the cement which forms the surface of the sidewalk?  You see where I’m going with this?  Consider being greatful not only for what is obvious, but for the not so obvious.  Another example is I was on the subway and I suddenly was greatful for the subway for getting me to my destination.  I was thankful for the floor of the subway so that I can comfortably stand.  I was thankful to whoever spend countless hours installing the floor.  I was thankful for the air conditioning so that the temperature was perfect, and I was thankful for the metal bar that I was holding for it was allowing me to secure myself so that I wouldn’t fall.  Then I was thankful for the screw that was connecting the bar to the wall which allowed the bar to stay in one place.  Isn’t it amazing to have this deeper level of gratitude where you’re thankful for a screw?  Are you up to expanding your level of gratitude from where it is now?  Let me know if you are, and feel free to give an example of how.  I can’t imagine what I’ll be greatful for as time goes by, but it will be amazing to find out!   www.lifecoachdavid.com

Law of Attraction – a new example – it works!

This is a great story about the evidence Law of Attraction at work!  A few years ago I was gifted a very nice dog tag pendant that came with a 20 inch chain.  I have been wearing it alot over the past few years and recently it hit me that it would look much better on a 22 inch chain instead of a 20 inch chain.  So, I had been going to various stores that carry this particular designer and no one had the 22 inch chain, but they could order it.  Every time no one had it, I didn’t order it because I wanted to see it and try it on in person.  I even had said to the person that gifted it to me that it would be great if I could just exchange the chain, instead of having to buy the 22 inch chain, but that was no an option since this designer doesn’t do that.  So, last weekend I was at another store that carried the designer who made the dog tag necklace.  The sales lady checked her inventory and she did not have the 22 inch chain either.  However, out of the blue a salesman walked over to us and she introduced him and he asked what I was looking for.  So I told him.  After the sales lady told him they did not have the 22 inch chain, he looked into the case where the dog tags were displayed and he said “that dog tag looks like it’s on a 22 inch chain, let’s see.”  So he slipped the chain out of the dog tag and took it out of the case and it turns out it was the 22 inch chain.  Then, he took my chain (the 20 inch chain) and handed me the 22 inch chain and said “thank you very much, have a nice day.”  Not only did I not have to pay $230 for a new chain, I wasn’t charged anything, and was wished a nice day!  After he walked away, the sales lady smiled at me and said that that never happens.  So, not only did I get the chain I wanted, after thinking they didn’t have it they did, and I didn’t have to pay anything for it.  Thank you Law of Attraction!  What wonderful thing has happened for you “out of the blue” recently?