Rampage of gratitude…

Rampage of gratitude.

One way to attract more things and life experiences is to deliberately focus on everything you’re thankful for.
Remember, once you’re in the vibration of gratitude, Law of Attraction can’t help but have you experience more of it.

Example of a Rampage of Gratitude.

Here’s and example of how I do a rampage of gratitude.  I have to tell you that it feels so good to do it.  Use my example to create your own rampage.
I just wanted to share that I am having an amazing day.  I am consciously being thankful for EVERYTHING and finding more things to be thankful about than ever before!  Seriously – like I was drinking a cup of water and I thought “I am so thankful for this cup that it can hold this water”, and when I was walking to the train this morning I was thinking “I am so thankful for this sidewalk so I can smoothly walk to the train” – and when I got to the office and sat down in my chair I thought “I am so thankful for this chair, that it gives me something comfortable to sit on.  I’ve been having thoughts like that all day – it’s amazing!!!
So now I ask you, what can you be thankful for today?
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You can attract what you want!

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