The other half

Have you ever been in a huge, gorgeous house or in a super luxury car?  At the least I’m sure you have seen or know someone who lives in one of those homes or drives a luxury car.  When you see that do you think something like “that’s how the other half lives” or even “wow, I couldn’t even imagine myself in a house like that.”  Whatever the statement is, it all boils down to somewhere in your mind there’s a limiting thought(s) that keeps you from thinking you can have whatever it is you want.  Those thoughts then lead to other thoughts that block your abundance and then law of attraction is matching your thoughts on how you can never live in a huge house or drive a luxury car and you stay the same!  I’d like to ask you to imagine yourself as “the other half” – you’re the one who lives in the huge, gorgeous house – you’re the one driving that fancy BMW.  If it feels unreal for you to even think such thoughts, add “i’m in the process of….” like “i’m in the process of getting my dream car.”  Start changing your thoughts about such things and even imagining yourself living like “the other half” and that will help raise your vibrations about that.  Start raising your vibrations about what it is you want and allow the law of attraction bring it to you.  As yourself “what would be my dream car?”  Then let yourself luxuriate in how it would feel to be behind the wheel!


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