Unexpected Money

It’s very important to have positive affirmations that you can think about so that when you focus on them, you will attract what you are asking for.  I work with my clients on specific affirmations that will help them.  Well, one of the affirmations I say every day is “I constantly get unexpected income.”  I don’t have to know where it will come  from, I just have to say it an believe it and get excited about it.  Well the other day I was thinking “I can’t wait to find unexpected income.”  I just knew I would somehow get money that day.  Well I was looking for more Summer pants, and I came across a pair of white jeans that I had been looking for that I had worn last Summer.  So, I decided to wear them that day.  When I put them on I reached into the pockets and guess what, there was money in one of the pockets!  I couldn’t believe it.  Law of attraction at its finest!  Notice that I did not tell you how much money I found.  This is because it’s not about how much I found, the point is that I attracted unexpected income!  Do you expect unexpected income?


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