Expect Unexpected Money

Expect Unexpected Money

It’s very important to have positive affirmations that you can think about so that when you focus on them, you will attract what you are asking for.

I work with my clients on specific affirmations that will help them based on what they want to attract.

Unexpected money is always welcome.  So, one of the affirmations I say every day is “I constantly get unexpected income” and I share that particular one with my clients and they all enjoy it.  When it comes to expecting unexpected income, we don’t have to know where it will come  from, we just have to say it and believe it and get excited about it for Law of Attraction to make it so.

Example of Unexpected Money

The other day I was thinking “I can’t wait to find unexpectedunexpected income.”  I just knew I would somehow get money that day.  While I was looking for more Summer pants, I came across a pair of white jeans that I had been looking for that I had worn last Summer and decided to wear them that day.  When I put them on I reached into the pockets and guess what, there was money in one of the pockets!  I couldn’t believe it.  Law of attraction at its finest!  I expected unexpected income, and I received it.

Notice that I did not tell you how much money I found.  This is because it’s not about how much I found, the point is that I attracted unexpected income!

Do you expect unexpected income?

If you’re considering Law of Attraction coaching, I always offer a first free mini phone coaching session.  Just go to http://www.lifecoachdavid.com to schedule it.  Or, you can contact me at david@lifecoachdavid.com.

You can attract what you want!

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