Can you accept everything right now?

Can you accept everything right now?

Can you accept everything about your life as it is right now and make it all ok as it is right now?

So many times we get hung up on “when I get this” or “when I accomplish that” or “as soon as this happens then…” – all ending with “then everything will be ok” or “then I’ll be happy” or “then I’ll be enough”.

Well, why are you putting off making your life good enough until you reach a particular goal?

Instead why not proclaim and accept right now, this minute “everything is as it should be right now and everything is ok right now, i’m excited about my life right now” or “i relax in the knowing that everything is going exactly as it should be right now!”

There’s always something we’re reaching for or wanting, but please consider not making the reaching of that goal the moment when you’ll be happy and everything will come together – consider making RIGHT NOW good enough for all to be well in your life.

Can you accept that everything is just fine RIGHT NOW and RIGHT NOW is when you feel satisfied with your life?

Do yourself a favor!

Do yourself a favor and do that because once you do you’ll be in the vibration of everything being ok right now, and you’ll attract that.

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You can attract what you want!


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