Who are you hanging out with?

Who are you hanging out with?

Have you ever thought about the kind of vibrations the people you’re hanging out with are putting out?  What I mean is, we’re all putting out high (positive) or low (negative) vibrations.  I know if you’re reading this, you are most likely someone who is aware enough to do your best to put out high vibrations.

However, if you’re hanging out with negative, low vibration people, that can have an effect on you and bring down your vibrations.  Just like if you were hanging out with people who focused on the positive aspects of life, that would have a good effect on you.

So you have to think about who you’re spending a lot of time with and if they’re someone who brings you down because they’re putting out negative energy, you may want to consider spending less time with them and more time with someone who has a positive outlook on things.

Do you have to let everyone negative go?

Of course I’m not suggesting that you totally let go of everyone in your life who is negative, but it’s worth thinking about spending more time with people who aren’t.

Are you hanging out with low vibration or high vibration people?

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