The escalator process

You know when you first get on an up escalator and you look up did you ever realize that you expect to get to the top.  You never think “gee, I wonder if this escalator will get me to the top”.  You just know that it will.  Well try to think of exactly how you want your life to be.  You’re on the escalator of life looking up and at the top is that life that you want.  If you can have that same knowing that you WILL reach that point and never look back and doubt that, then guess what, you will!  It’s when you start questioning yourself and doubting yourself that you step backwards on the escalator of life and prevent it from carrying you to where you want to be.  So try to focus as much as possible on what you want, on exactly how you want your life to be so that you will be “carried” to that place.  If you find yourself in lack or doubt being carried the opposite way, simply choose to think about what you do want with the knowing that if you just look ahead without getting in your own way that you will get to that destination.  Are you choosing to focus on what’s at the top of your escalator?

What Is?

Are you hanging out in “what is” or are you hanging out in “what you want”?  What I mean by that to be even more specific is – are you constantly thinking about what is, which will keep you in “what is” – OR – are you letting go of “what is” and thinking about what you want?  If you’re hanging out in “what is”, I highly recommend you try hanging out in “what you want” so that “what you want” will become your new “what is”!!!  Where do you hang out?

Is a life coach for you?

Do you want to attract more of what you want?  Do you want to just feel better every day in general?  Do you want to find out how the way you think is blocking you from all that you want?  Do you want to talk to someone who will listen?  Do you want to have realizations about your life that will help improve your life?  Do you want to talk with someone who will take you from where you are to where you want to be?  Do you want to find out about processes and techniques that you can use on a daily basis that will help you attract what you want?  There’s actually so much more that a life coach can offer, but this gives you some idea.  So, if you answered “yes” to any or all of the above questions, consider having a free coaching session with me!  All coaching sessions are done on the phone so it doesn’t matter where you live.  The people I have and am coaching have had some great results.  Let me know if you’re ready – feel free to email me at  Thanks and have a great day.

The “struggling” middle class – really?

I happened to have one of the most popular news channels on this morning while I was enjoying my healthy breakfast.  The announcer broadcasted to millions of people “…..we’re all part of the struggling middle class.”  I looked at her and boldly affirmed “I am part of the abundant universe!”  I think it’s outrageous how the media keeps informing everyone that we are all struggling and putting out that negative mass energy.  Could you imagine how amazing it would be if everyone thought they were part of an abundant universe instead of part of the struggling middle class?!?!?  So what do you affirm?  Are you part of the “struggling middle class” or part of  the abundant universe?  I don’t care how much money I have or don’t have, I AM part of the abundant universe!

The other half

Have you ever been in a huge, gorgeous house or in a super luxury car?  At the least I’m sure you have seen or know someone who lives in one of those homes or drives a luxury car.  When you see that do you think something like “that’s how the other half lives” or even “wow, I couldn’t even imagine myself in a house like that.”  Whatever the statement is, it all boils down to somewhere in your mind there’s a limiting thought(s) that keeps you from thinking you can have whatever it is you want.  Those thoughts then lead to other thoughts that block your abundance and then law of attraction is matching your thoughts on how you can never live in a huge house or drive a luxury car and you stay the same!  I’d like to ask you to imagine yourself as “the other half” – you’re the one who lives in the huge, gorgeous house – you’re the one driving that fancy BMW.  If it feels unreal for you to even think such thoughts, add “i’m in the process of….” like “i’m in the process of getting my dream car.”  Start changing your thoughts about such things and even imagining yourself living like “the other half” and that will help raise your vibrations about that.  Start raising your vibrations about what it is you want and allow the law of attraction bring it to you.  As yourself “what would be my dream car?”  Then let yourself luxuriate in how it would feel to be behind the wheel!

Unexpected Money

It’s very important to have positive affirmations that you can think about so that when you focus on them, you will attract what you are asking for.  I work with my clients on specific affirmations that will help them.  Well, one of the affirmations I say every day is “I constantly get unexpected income.”  I don’t have to know where it will come  from, I just have to say it an believe it and get excited about it.  Well the other day I was thinking “I can’t wait to find unexpected income.”  I just knew I would somehow get money that day.  Well I was looking for more Summer pants, and I came across a pair of white jeans that I had been looking for that I had worn last Summer.  So, I decided to wear them that day.  When I put them on I reached into the pockets and guess what, there was money in one of the pockets!  I couldn’t believe it.  Law of attraction at its finest!  Notice that I did not tell you how much money I found.  This is because it’s not about how much I found, the point is that I attracted unexpected income!  Do you expect unexpected income?

Can you accept everything right now?

Can you accept everything about your life as it is right now and make it all ok as it is right now?  So many times we get hung up on “when I get this” or “when I accomplish that” or “as soon as this happens then” – all ending with “then everything will be ok” or “then I’ll be happy” or “then I’ll be enough”.  Well, why are you putting off making your life good enough until you reach a particular goal?  Instead why not proclaim right now, this minute “everything is as it should be right now and everything is ok right now, i’m excited about my life right now” or “i relax in the knowing that everything is going exactly as it should be right now!”  There’s always something we’re reaching for or wanting, but please consider not making the reaching of that goal the moment when you’ll be happy and everything will come together – consider making RIGHT NOW good enough for all to be well in your life.  Can you accept that everything is just fine RIGHT NOW and RIGHT NOW is when you feel satisfied with your life?