Have you met your future self?

Have you met your future self?

Have you met your future self?  If not, it’s time you did.

Just think about how you want your life to be, say 5 years from now.  Think about all the wonderful things you would have accomplished, where you’ll live, all the money you’ll have, who you’ll be with, etc. etc. etc.  Then picture yourself meeting that future self and greeting your future self and being excited about all that is going on for you at that time.

What about your future old self?

Then, if you’re brave enough, go even further and meet your future old self.  Give your future old self a hug and feel the love and excitement coming to you from your old future self.

Let your future self show you that beyond your old self is endless joy and all good.  Ask your old future self if he/she has any words of wisdom and see what they tell you.

It’s great to get excited about your future and be responsible for deliberately creating the future you want.  There’s also a great guided meditation to help you meet your future self and future old self that I do with my clients.

But in the meantime, just get excited thinking about how wonderful and exciting your life will be 5 years from now and set yourself up so you will attract that life!

So what did your future self tell you?

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You can attract what you want!


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