New Law of Attraction clients

New Law of Attraction clients

Potential new clients ask me how we get started with Law of Attraction coaching.  The first step is that I ask them to fill out a Master Dream List and a Coaching Agreement.  The Master Dream List really gives me a good idea about some things they want to attract to their life, and believe it or not gives me a good idea about where some of their thoughts are at.

On the first call, we go over the Master Dream List.  It’s fun to go over it together and I’ve had clients learn alot about how they think just from doing that.

On following coaching calls they may have a specific intent for the call (like raising their vibration about attracting more money or a better job, etc.)  Sometimes they think they know what they want to work on and then after talking for a few minutes something else pops up that ends up being the main topic of the call.

The main thing is that by the end of the coaching call, their vibration will be higher than when we first started the call, and a higher vibration means they’re attracting more of what they want!  It’s so great to experience that.

At the start of the call I ask clients “Where are you at right now on a scale of 1-10 in terms of how you’re feeling in general?”  Then, at the end of the call I’ll typically ask again – and it’s always higher than at the beginning.

During the coaching call I’ll always give them a technique on how to raise their vibration, and then I’ll ask them how willing they are to commit to practicing it during the week until we talk again.  Of course everyone is excited to learn how to raise their vibration so they’re always 100% into practicing doing that.

Are new clients welcome?

I have a few spots open for new clients at this time, so if you’re interested, I always offer a free 30 minute mini phone coaching session.  The sessions are on the phone so it doesn’t matter where you live, we just have to come up with a time that fits both our schedules.

So, if you’re willing to be brave and want to experience how exciting life becomes when you have a life coach and you start living your life from a Law of Attraction point-of-view, let me know and schedule your first free phone call at

You can attract all you want!


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