Law of Attraction at the mall…

Law of Attraction at the mall…

Have you ever thought about going to the mall and then changed your mind because you didn’t want to spend money or because you thought “I can’t afford to buy anything”?

If so, then believe it or not, that is when you should have gone!

Going to the mall can be a great way to up your vibrations about attracting money and things you want.  Yes, that is what I said!  The reason is, is because when you go to the mall the way I do, you buy everything you want regardless of how much it costs — at least in your mind.

Here’s what to do at the mall to help you attract what you want.

Here’s a fun exercise that will help you attract more money and things that you want, regardless of cost.  Go to the mall and every time you see something you want, regardless of how much it costs, you say to yourself “I’m going to buy that!”  When you say it to yourself FEEL how exciting it is to have whatever it is you are wanting.  Say “I’m going to buy that” every time there’s something you want.

All those good, high vibration feelings will vibrate out into the universe and the Law of Attraction is waiting to match it and find a way to make it happen – as long as you keep up the “I’m going to buy that” attitude!

Sometimes it helps to try things on as well.  So try that diamond ring on, just to feel how it feels to wear it.  Then while the sales clerk is putting it back in the case, say to yourself “I love how that diamond ring looks on my finger, I can’t wait to wear it again!” By doing that you’re putting yourself in the vibration of having that beautiful ring.

So, what are you going to “buy” at the mall ? ? ?

If you are considering Law of Attraction coaching, I offer a first free mini phone coaching session.  Just go to to schedule it.

You can attract what you want!

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