Limiting Thoughts…

I was working with a client last night and she wanted to work on updating some negative thoughts she was having about her job.  She knew that she had many thoughts that were not serving her and was anxious for me to help her change them to thoughts that would serve her.  After talking with her I decided that the best process to use was one called the Clarity Through Contract process.  She took a blank piece of paper and drew a line down the center.  On one side she wrote “Contrast” and on the other side she wrote “Clarity”.  On the contrast side she wrote down all the negative thoughts she was having about her job.  After I helped her pinpoint the exact thought, she then went to the first one, crossed it out and on the clarity side, wrote the opposite thought.  We did this for all the thoughts.  When we were done we then did a desire statement and she read all her new thoughts.  She was so relieved to have discovered which limiting thoughts were floating around her mind regarding her job and then to zap them and change them into positive thoughts.  Now she will consciously think these new thoughts ever day, which will attract what she wants in relation to her job.  It’s amazing what negative thoughts are floating around in our minds.  Sometimes we don’t even realize they are until we start talking about different things.  I had one of those pesky thoughts floating around my mind which said “you can only have a certain amount of good things happen to you, and then a bad thing will happen.”  I don’t know where I picked that up along the way, but I did.  Thank god I shot down that thought and now replaced it with “I can experience unlimited good and then continue to experience more good, and more good, and more good!”  What thoughts are lurking around in your mind that are telling you there are limits to how much you can have, do, or be?


What have you done for yourself?

The day is going by and I just realized that I’ve already done so many “healthy” things for myself.  I woke up and said several positive affirmations to start my day, I had a very healthy breakfast, I exercised, I played with the dogs, and am feeling excited about life.  It made me realize that so many people don’t even think about doing anything healthy for themselves on a daily basis.  Even just doing one healthy thing just for you will help to raise your vibrations and that alone is a “win” for the day.  So I ask you, have you done anything healthy for yourself today?  If not, what can you do that will help make today a better day for you?  Come one now, you can do at least one thing!

Have you met your future self?

Have you met your future self?  If not, it’s time you did.  Just think about how you want your life to be, say 5 years from now.  Think about all the things you would have accomplished, where you’ll live, all the money you’ll have, who you’ll be with, etc. etc. etc.  Then picture yourself meeting that future self and greeting your future self and being excited about all that is at that time.  Then if you’re brave enough, go even further and meet your future old self.  Give your future old self a hug and feel the love and excitement coming to you from your old future self.  Let your future self show you that beyond your old self is endless joy and all good.  Ask your old future self if he/she has any words of wisdom and see what they tell you.  It’s great to get excited about your future and be responsible for deliberately creating the future you want.  There’s also a great guided meditation to help you meet your future self and future old self.  But in the meantime, just get excited thinking about how your life will be 5 years from now and you will attract that life!  So what did your future self tell you?

Are you looking for a job?

Are you or someone you know looking for a job?  If so, you need to think about how you’re thinking about it and what vibration you’re putting out in regards to it.  What I mean is, are you thinking about it like this “darn, there’s no work out there for me, I try and I try and nothing is happening…” OR are you thinking about it more like this “I am so excited to find a new job, I know the perfect job will come up for me!”  If you are stuck in my first example, it’s paramount that you switch your thoughts and start thinking about what you do want and act as if it has already manifested.  Remember, the law of attraction is operating 24/7 and it’s always matching your thoughts/vibrations.  Even if you pretend and feel excited about a job as if you just got one, the law of attraction will match that and that is what you’ll get.  So, if you have been looking for employment ask yourself where your thoughts are about it and if you need to change them to really attract a job.  I can also help you with many processes that will attract what you’re looking for, so feel free to ask me about that.  In the meantime, why not use law of attraction to help you get that job you’ve been wanting!

Do you want to be really wealthy?

When it comes to being wealthy, most people immediately think about financial wealth, which is what you probably thought I was talkinga bout.  However, if you dig a little deeper, do you really think that financial wealth is what keeps you happy?  I think true wealth is when you’re genuinely in a state of joy.  I think the happiest people are tbe wealthiest and those who are truly joyous on a day-to-day basies and who consciously keep their thoughts in check to stay that way.  Of course it’s wonderful to be financially wealthy as well and I’d choose to have both a joyous and a financially wealthy life!  But I know for sure that without living in joy as much as possible, no amount of money and no “thing” can really fulfill my life as much as joy can.  Every day my intent is to have a joyous day and I take responsibility for that because I know I can choose that.  Are you aware of keeping your day as joyous a possible?  Here’s a fun way to invite more joy into yourl ife.  Think and focus on all the things in your life that have brought you joy – this will invite more joy into your life.

New clients

Potential new clients ask me how we get started with coaching.  The first step is that I ask you to fill out a Master Dream List and a coaching agreement.  The Master Dream List really gives me a good idea about some things you want to attract to your life, and believe it or not gives me a good idea about where some of your thoughts are at.  On the first call, we go over the Master Dream List.  It’s alot of fun to go over it together and I’ve had clients learn alot about how they think just from doing that.  On following coaching calls you may have a specific intent for the call (like raising your vibration about attracting more money or a better job, etc.)  Sometimes you think you know what you want to work on and then after talking for a few minutes something else pops up that ends up being the main topic of the call.  The main thing is that by the end of the coaching call, your vibration will be higher than when we first started the call, and a higher vibration means you’re attracting more of what you want!  It’s so great to experience that.  At the start of the call I ask clients “where are you at right now on a scale of 1-10 in terms of how you’re feeling in general?”  Then, at the end of the call I’ll ask again – and it’s always higher than at the beginning.  During the coaching call I’ll always give you a technique on how to raise your vibration, and then I’ll ask you how willing you are to commit to practicing it during the week until we talk again.  Of course everyone is excited to learn how to raise their vibrations so they’re always 100% into practicing doing that.  I have a few spots open for new clients at this time, so if you’re interested, I always offer a free 30 minute coaching session.  The sessions are on the phone so it doesn’t matter where you live, we just have to come up with a time that fits both our schedules.  So, if you’re willing to be brave and want to experience how exciting life becomes when you have a life coach, let me know.  Thanks!

Money, money, and more money

I recently had a session and I was working with a client on attracting more money into her life.  One of the things I asked her to do which really helped her raise her vibration about attracting more money into her life was to be greatful for all the money she did/does have.  What I mean by this is to be thankful for everything you currently have in any type of bank account, IRA, in your wallet, etc.  Also to be thankful for every check, payment, etc., you’ve ever received.  Take your time and get yourself very excited about all the money you had/have and really feel it.  When you do this you’ll be sending out such a strong vibration about attracting money that law of attraction will match it and more will be on its way!  Can you feel what it feels like to be thankful for every cent you ever made and every dollar you currently have?  Isn’t it exciting!