Law of Attraction and Losing Weight

Law of Attraction and Losing Weight

There are many reasons why we should all strive to eat healthier.  One of the main reasons is to lose weight to keep our weight to where it should be so we can be healthy, and look our best.

One great way to help yourself do this is to think of food just like you think of thoughts.

For example, striving to think of positive thoughts throughout the day will keep the Law of Attraction in your favor and help you get more of what you want.  When it comes to food, you can simply ask yourself before eating something “is this a positive thought food?”  A positive thought food is something healthy that will help you get to, or stay at, your ideal weight.

A positive thought food.

When you ask yourself “is this a positive thought food?”, if the answer is “no”, then simply don’t eat it and replace it with a food that is!  The same way you would replace a negative thought with a positive thought.  Now don’t pretend that you don’t know what a positive thought food is!  You do know what a positive thought food is, so if you’re honest with yourself, you will get an answer and if necessary switch to a healthier choice.

Try thinking of your food in this way and see what happens.

Use the Law of Attraction to help you eat better, the same way you use it to help you think better.

Anyone hungry for something healthy?

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You can attract what you want!




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