The still pond within helps us not take on resistance

The still pond within helps us not to take on resistance

This morning I woke up to a vision of a still pond.  When I stay “still”, I mean 100% still.  No ripples, no movement at all.  It was really beautiful and peaceful.  In this stillness, which is usually felt when meditating, we are offering no resistance.  When we offer no resistance, we are in the state of allowing.  When we’re in the state of allowing, more of what we want will come into our existence.

Then I thought this still stream is really the core of everyone and how we’re “supposed” to be.  It was so comforting to know that.  To know that calmness is our natural state.

Then it came to me that even when there is a ripple in life, even when there’s movement in the pond, it will always return to being still.  Regardless of what resistance happens in life that shakes us or rattles us, at some point we can return to the stillness of the pond.

Remember that the still pond exists

If we can all remember that the still pond is what should always be our natural state, just think how much better life would be. We could consciously connect to this stillness, this calm state of being.

So the next time something happens and your “pond” ripples because of something – remember that being “still” is your natural state, and find relief in knowing that your life will return to that calm, delicious state so long as you focus on it being that way.

How “still” is your life today, and what can you do to get back to the wonderful still pond within you?

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