The act as if exercise and Law of Attraction…

The act as if exercise and Law of Attraction…

We all have things we want to manifest.  Some of them are material things such as a new car or home, and some of them are more physical things like a relationship or even achieving something.

One great way to attract what you want is to have an “act as if” lunch or dinner with someone who also wants to attract more of what they want so you can trigger the Law of Attraction to help you manifest it.

What you do is the two of you go out to eat and the entire conversation is all about how wonderful your life is now that you have whatever it is you want and desire.

The key is to talk about it all as if you already have it.  For example, you might say to your friend “I love driving my new Mercedes.  It drives like a dream and I feel so good when I drive it”, and then you’re friend may say “That’s great – and I feel amazing now that we’re in our dream home.  It has so much room and is gorgeous.”

Describe everything in as much detail as possible and make sure to always describe how it all makes you feel as well.

Try doing this for an entire meal, or at least over tea and cake.

The benefits of acting as if.

You’ll love doing this act as if exercise once you get past all the limitations you put on yourself.  Which by the way, makes it a great learning exercise as well in terms of letting you see where you limit yourself.

So let go of your limitations and try this exercise and have fun with a friend.  Best of all, you’ll be focusing on what you want which means it’s on its way!

If you’re considering Law of Attraction coaching, I always offer a first free mini phone coaching session.  Just go to to schedule it.

You can attract what you want!


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