Checking in with your thoughts…;

You know how a good friend will call you just to check in on how you’ve been doing?  Well I’d like to suggest that you be a friend to yourself and check in with your thoughts to see how they’re doing!  Check in with your thoughts and find out what they’re keeping you thinking about.  The more you check in with your thoughts the better.  When you are mindful enough to check in with them, if you find they’re keeping you thinking about low vibration things (a/k/a negative thoughts) instantly flip them to what the positive counter-thought would be.  The more you stay focused on what you want and on positive thoughts, the more the law of attraction will match those thoughts and put you in lign with what you want.  Always remember that the law of attraction is a law, and as such is “working” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  It responds all the time to what you’re thinking and how you’re vibing.  Once you really get this, you realize how important it is to constantly check in with your thoughts.  If you need help figuring out how to flip your thoughts, or some techniques to raise your vibration, let me know and I’ll be glad to help.  So where are your thoughts right now???


What’s on your menu?

You know when you go to a restaurant and you look at the menu and you literally get to pick what you want?  For example, you might order the chopped salad without walnuts, but add extra chicken, oh, and please put the dressing on the side!  Well did you know you can do the same thing when it comes to various parts of your life like in relationships, career, your body, etc.  Just make a custom menu!  Say you want to meet someone special or to make more friends.  Simply create a “menu” for what you want.  Write on a peice of paper your name followed by “(your name) special person” – then on another page write your menu for what you want in that person.  You may “order” someone tall with brown hair and blue eyes who likes to exercise and is into Indian food.  I will also “order” for this person to be compassionate, loving, honest, and into spirituality.  Once you’ve got your “menu” for the qualities you want in this person read your menu every day, add to it, and before you know it, your order will arrive!  Do this for any area in your life that you want to improve.  Just make sure that when you place your order you keep the statements positive.  This can be tricky because you could say something like “i want someone who isn’t negative.”  Well that is really a negative statement.  It would be better to order it this way “i want someone who has a positive outlook on life.”  Law of attraction is waiting to take your order – what will it be???

Law of attraction and losing weight

There are many reasons why we should all strive to eat healthier.  One of the reasons is to lose weight, and to keep our weight to where it should be.  One great way to help yourself do this is to think of food just like you think of thoughts.  Striving to think of positive thoughts throughout the day will keep law of attraction in your favor and help you get more of what you want.  When it comes to food, you can simply ask yourself before eating something “is this a positive thought food?”  A positive thought food is something healthy that will help you get to, or stay at, your ideal weight.  When you ask yourself “is this a positive thought food?”, if the answer is “no”, then simply don’t eat it and replace it with a food that is good for you!  The same way you would do if you thought a negative thought, you would replace it with a positive thought.  If the answer is “yes”, then enjoy.  Now don’t pretend that you don’t know what a positive thought food is!  You do know what a positive thought food is, so if you’re honest with yourself, you will get an answer.  Try it for a day and see what happens.  Use law of attraction to help you eat better, the same way you use it to help you think better.  Anyone hungry?


The still pond within

This morning I woke up to a vision of a still pond.  When I stay “still”, I mean 100% still.  No ripples, no movement at all.  It was really beautiful and peaceful.  Then I thought this still stream is really the core of everyone and how we’re “supposed” to be.  It was so comforting to know that.  Then it came to me that even when there is a ripple in life, even when there’s movement in the pond, it will always return to being still.  If we can all remember that the still pond is what should always be our natural state, just think how much better life would be!  So next time something happens and your “pond” ripples because of something – remember that being “still” is your natural state and find relief in knowing that your life will return to that calm, deliscious state so long as you focus on it being that way.  How “still” is your life today?

The act as if exercise…

We all have things we want to manifest.  Some of them are material things such as a new car or home, and some of them are more physical things like a relationship or even achieving something.  One great way to attract what you want is to have an “act as if” lunch or dinner with someone who also wants to attract more of what they want.  What you do is the two of you go out to eat and the entire conversation is all about how wonderful your life is now that you have whatever it is you want and desire.  The key is to talk about it all as if you already have it.  For example you might say to your friend “I love driving my new Mercedes.  It drives like a dream and I feel so good when I drive it”, and then you’re friend may say “That’s great – and I feel amazing now that we’re in our dream home.  It has so much room and is gorgeous.”  Describe everything in as much detal as possible and make sure to always describe how it all makes you feel as well.  Try doing this for an entire meal, or at least over tea and cake.  You’ll love doing this exercise once you get past all the limitations you put on yourself.  Which by the way, makes it a great learning exercise as well in terms of letting you see where you limit yourself.  So let go of your limitations and try this exerciset and have fun.  Best of all, you’ll be focusing on what you want which means it’s on its way!

Law of Attraction and I Love Lucy…

You may be wondering why I wrote the title of the post the way I did.  The reason is that there is an episode of “I Love Lucy” in which Lucy and Ethel want to go with Ricky and Fred to Europe.  The only problem is, is that Ricky says they can’t afford to take Lucy and Ethel.  Lucy replies “if I raise the money myself can i go?” and Ricky says “yes.”  So Lucy celebrates that she’ll be going to Europe because she trusts that she will raise the money.  She doesn’t know how, but she just trusts that it will.  Then, Ethel says she’ll never be able to go because she can’t afford it.  After repeating that she can’t afford it Lucy says something like “Ethel you’re not holding a positive thought – say it out loud “i can afford to go to Europe.”  After several attempts Ethel finally says out loud “I can afford to go to Europe” and Lucy says “that a girl!”  Of course by the end of the episode they end up being able to go to Europe.  In response to this episode I wonder how often you want to do something or buy something and you immediately cut yourself off from attracting it by telling yourself that you “can’t” afford it or get it.  Lucy celebrated that she was going to Europe before she knew how she was going to go, she just trusted and knew that she was going to get to go.  Are you celebrating something you want or something you want to do before you know how you’ll be able to afford it?  Next, Lucy insists that Ethel say out loud “I can afford to go to Europe.”  By doing this Ethel was affirming to the universe that it would happen and she was allowing herself to feel how it feels to say that she was going.  How often do you say out loud that you’re going to get whatever it is you want?  I know someone who wants to be a millionaire and I said “have you ever said out loud – I am a millionaire?”  The client had never said it – so I suggested he say it out loud, which he did, and for the first time he actually felt what it would feel like to really be able to say that.  Now he says it frequently to put himself in alignment with that happening in his life.  What is it that you want or want to do that you can right now say out loud in full belief “I am a ___________” or “I want _______________ and I know it’s on its way”?  Practice saying it out loud and really feel how it feels to have it and it will be on its way!!!