Can you allow what you want?

Can you allow what you want?

Today during my morning meditation a thought popped up that I have been focusing on and I plan to focus on it all day.  The thought that popped up was “I allow my life to be fantastic!”

I keep thinking this thought, and I am also feeling it as well.  It is very important to feel the essence of something so that Law of Attraction will match it, and bring it to you.  The feeling is what Law of Attraction responds to.

As a result, I am feeling very excited about life.  It may sound simple enough, but allowing is where many of us get stuck because we don’t know to do it.

Example of how you can allow what you want.

Try to think this thought (and of course you can plug in whatever word to help you allow what you want – “I allow my life to be ___________!”  But, make sure you feel what you’re thinking and just take a deep breath and allow it.  If any negative thoughts come in just observe them without attaching to them and just keep thinking “I allow my life to be fantastic” or whatever word fits for you personally.

So what will you allow?


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