Attracting more money…

One common area that many clients want help with is attracting more money.  So after talking for a while about how they think about money, how they were raised thinking about money, etc., I then can offer them several processes to help them attract more money to them.  One process which works great to raise their vibration is the 68 second process.  I have them describe for me in as much detail as possible how their life is like having all the money they want.  This sounds easy, and can be, but you’d be surprised how long a 68 second process can take when you’ve never imagined having everything you want in terms of money.  With my help I finally have them talking about how wonderful their life is and why, ,due to all the money they have.  Have you ever thought about what your life would be like with all the money in the world at your finger tips?  If not, give it a try and raise your vibration about your relationship with money and expect more to come your way!  But remember, the second you go back into the lack of not having enough money, the law of attraction will say “ok, you don’t have enough money” – so be mindful of where your thoughts are about money so you can keep attracting it to you instead of pushing it away.


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