Upstream/Downstream Thoughts

When you have resistance in your life or you feel like doing something is not in the rightd direction of what you want to do or where you want to go, metaphorically speaking, you are going “upstream”.  When you just let go and let the stream of life effortlessly carry you to where you want to be you are going “downstream.”  You can also look at the upstream/downstream metaphor in terms of your thoughts.  When trying to decide something you can think “is this an upstream thought or a downstream thought?”  An upstream throught will not feel “right” or “good” to you whereas a downstream thought will feel easy and the right thing to do.  Recently a client was talking to me about a wedding of a distant cousin they didn’t really want to go to but thought they had to because it was “family.”  I asked “does going to the wedding feel upstream or downstream?”  They immediately said that going to the wedding feels upstream.  As such, they decided not to go, which for them was the right decision.  What upstream thoughts/actions do you have that you need to let go of?


6 thoughts on “Upstream/Downstream Thoughts

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