Where are you stopping your abundance?

I was getting a massage today and was telling the massage therapist about coaching and how it works.  She found it very interesting and went on to tell me that her husband had been let go from his job and that in “this economy” he was having trouble getting new clients.  Then she went on to tell me that she could use more clients but “in this economy” it was hard to get new clients.  Then she mentioned several other “in this economy” sentences.  If I wasn’t trying to relax I was so ready to get on my coaching soap box and tell her “don’t you see that your main thought “in this economy” is totally blocking potential clients to both you and your husband, you’re totally thinking in lack, not abundance!”  It was even more interesting that she asked me how I help my clients and yet she was the perfect example of someone I could help for sure.  My listening skills are like a radar, and I can detect thoughts of lack and negativity when my clients don’t realize they’re there.  Once you find out where your thinking is blocking your abundance – then your abundance will start showing up.  So I’m asking you – what are your “in this economy” lack thoughts?

3 thoughts on “Where are you stopping your abundance?

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