Wins for today…

The day just started and I already have experienced a few “wins.”  First of all, I’ve been on a diet to lose 20 pounds and I found out this morning that I have already lost 8 pounds!  Losing this weight has given me an opportunity to coach myself and it’s working!  Another win I had today is that yesterday I was in the city and took my limited edition 20 year old watch off in a store because they wanted to give me a free hand treatment.  I realized this morning that I did not have the watch and must have left it by where I had the demonstration.  Now this was in New York City.  What are the chances that my watch would have been turned into the front desk?  So I called as soon as they opened and it turns out they DO have it!!!  I was so happy about this and of course am very thankful to whomever turned it in instead of taking it.  What are your wins for the day so far?

2 thoughts on “Wins for today…

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